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Who is Afraid of a Free Press?


Was President Trump surprised when his offer of a press conference after his (disgraceful) meeting with arch criminal Najib was refused by the latter?
He ought not to have been since he ought to have known that Najib would be questioned about his criminal activities in the US and the reasons behind the invitation by Trump.
Najib can now be expected to quit his Trump hotel accommodation and flee to the safety of his Malaysian bolthole as quickly as he can. After all he has accomplished what he came for and why give US law enforcementt any chance to grab him.
What Trump and his advisers (since it must have been them who promoted the visit) think is that Najib will hold and win a snap election and be their client thereafter. One supposes that if Trump could get himself elected he must think that any fool or crook can emulate his example.
Bad guess or bad judgment. Najib will lose by a landslide and enter jail thereafter, unless he can again obtain a free pass in the good old USA.  Trumped has a whole new meaning.

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