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Deputy Prime Minister Zahid has long enjoyed a reputation for being fatuous but he has surpassed all his former stupidities by claiming that the PDRM have submitted to Najib’s stooge AG Apandi “the result of their enquiries into a conspiracy  to “topple” arch criminal Najib”.

First question? How does he know this? Has he taken over the IG job? Or the AG’s job? Not probable since he is clearly unqualified for both. Those named will, or ought to, be aware that there is no criminal offence of “toppling a Prime Minister” unless that activity includes murder or bodily harm. Slaughtered reputations, assuming Najib can claim one, do not count.

Since Inche Ghani Patail has not been the Attorney General for some years does Zahid mean to imply that the PDRM have been grossly negligent in taking so long to submit the IP? As they were, until very recently, headed by one of Najib’s running dogs it would not be surprising if things were badly mishandled but investigation into a non-existent offence seems unlikely even for so incompetent a copper as Khalid.

Zahid must clearly be discomfited that his crooked boss succeeded in getting the stamp of approval from Trump, even if that proves no more than that birds of a feather fly together. For Zahid it means that the top job he is always manoeuvring to grab is now further out of his reach.

To get it he will have to imitate the holder and do an Altantuya on him. Watch this space.

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