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Many Malaysians will be surprised to learn that the ISIL terrorist organization regards a number of Eastern countries, including Malaysia, as part of its wilayah (territory). Of course anyone, terrorist fanatics included, can fantasize about their situation and assets but Malaysians should be worried by this particular claim.

Worried because ISIL are violent terrorists ready to murder anyone at any time in pursuit of their religious fanaticism. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians and Iraqis have paid the ultimate price for this insane religious dispute and now this infection is spreading to S.E.Asia.

Already open violence has broken out in the southern Phillipines where ISIL fanatics have tried to seize power and there have been many past terrorist outrages in the whole area. Signs of things to come?

Very probably and the more so since the criminal Najib has openly supported war against ISIL in the Middle East, even sending Malaysian troops to back Saudi efforts against Yemen. Why?

Why risk Malaysia becoming an ISIL target by supporting military attacks on them? You tell us Najib! It cannot be that you still hope that anyone will believe your fairy tale about your “Saudi royal donation”

All Malaysians know that the bulk of that, not spent on buying GE 13, is now freezing in a Singapore bank account. So what does Malaysia gain from, ineffectively, propping up a Saudi war in Yemen?

A bolt hole for you and the fat one?

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