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Will PetroSaudi Boys Flip On Najib?

The official announcement by the Swiss authorities that they are prosecuting two PetroSaudi managers for various crimes connected to the 1MDB swindles are an announcement to arch thief Najib that he is next.

Does he seriously think that these two crooks will not inform  on his part in the swindle in return for some leniency from Swiss prosecutors and Courts? If so dream on Najis, the hounds are close behind you and you will be next. What is more any secret bank accounts you and your fellow criminals have in Swiss banks will be forfeited. So no money to buy the little extra luxuries which might make long term life in Sg. Buloh a little less impossible.

Malaysian voters will realise that as the Swiss are prosecuting PetroSaudi crooks then they will soon be after you. That process can be speeded up by a PH vote on 9 May.

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