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Working visit?!

When two of the world’s most unpleasant and criminal dictators get together the term working visit takes on a whole new meaning. Clearly Mugabe has stolen vast sums both from settlers and his own tribespeople so his advice on doing that may be useful to Najib. Though in all probability Najib has stolen more.

Any ninety year old man could be in need of medical help but from Malaysia?

Room also for an exchange of views and experiences in the field of mega crime of which the two “leaders” are world class proponents. But really the main message to take from this visit is “birds of a feather flock together” Who else among the world’s political leaders would be seen dead in such company?

The entire cost of this shaming event should be noted down and added to Najib’s bill. To be paid not with stolen public money but with time in prison; should he live that long. After all Mugabe has.

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