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To act or not to act.

Or to paraphrase Shakespeare is this an embarrassment I see before me?

Dr, Mahathir’s statement on his interview with the Agong has major public interest not only concerning arch criminal Najib Razak and the Agong’s refusal to act against him but also from the viewpoint of the Constitution; Malaysia’s fundamental law.

The inaction of the Agong explains itself. He is either too weak to be fit for his office or compromised in some way so that he cannot or will not do his clear public duty. It cannot be from ignorance. His power to dissolve Parliament is clearly spelt out in the Constitution. No one can be in any serious doubt that the Legislative Assembly is a corrupt body doing whatever Najib orders it to do in the face of massive evidence of corrupt actions by Najib and others, which are very serious breaches of the criminal law.

Thus the failure of the Agong brings into question the reason for having a constitutional Monarchy at all. Clearly if a King will not do what the law prescribes it is time to try a Presidential system.

Moving to what Tun Mahathir’s lawyer is reported as saying it may well be that Najib could be removed in the manner suggested. But why stop there? Even if he was sacked his corrupt cronies would still be sitting in the Assembly free to select another crook to take over. And removal from office does not imply removal from the Assembly. Only the voters can do that. Which it is as it should be.

There is no need to bother with the legal ways suggested which seem to be more face savers than anything else. The Agong has the clear and undisputed power to dismiss the Assembly and cause new elections to be held. No argument about that. All that is lacking is his willingness to do his constitutional duty. If he wants to abolish himself, and by extension the right of his fellow Rulers to follow him as Agong, he is certainly going the right way about it.

In the end the people will decide. Whether through elections or by the removal from power of Najib, and UMNO etc. by other means, remains to be seen. But it WILL happen.

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