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Worm Turns

After years of denying that anything was wrong at 1MDB there are now indications from Najib’s propaganda platform (Malaysia Outlook) that the PM is getting ready to change his tune. Suddenly, there is an admission that there were thefts but the bloggers are saying he knew nothing about them and was gulled – it names two fall guys. It is of some interest that he chooses two people who have all along known the truth and chose to conceal and deny it. In return for what? No prizes offered for guessing that.

More to the point why the sudden change of story by mega thief Najib? Has he at last learned that the electorate know what he is and what he has done; so removing any chance of a new majority for UMNO? And how has he convinced himself that if he puts the blame for 1MDB on fall guys the voters will see him as squeaky clean?

In arranging this new scenario he seems to have forgotten something. The small matter of nearly 700 million dollars in his private bank account in KL. Of course he is an idiot No one but an idiot would try to hide the proceeds of mega crime that way. But fools are often blind as well as stupid and so commit themselves to self-destructive courses.

So what does the future hold for these two scapegoats? Plead guilty and you will get a slap on the wrist? Or just sit in prison on remand while I get on with my election and after that we will see. Their problem? They could have come clean and fixed the guilt where it lies; with Najib. Now it’s too late for that and all they can hope for is to plead guilty and clear Najib. Before the election?

A question remains and the electorate will want it answered. It is this. Right from the beginning nothing could happen at 1MDB unless Najib personally signed it off. That is a fact. So how did all these thefts and other crimes happen? Is Najib too stupid to be in charge of a child’s piggy bank or is he a mega criminal. In either case how does that qualify him to seek re-election?

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