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Pillars of The Justice System

It is customary, if sometimes unwise, for retiring public servants to make a platitudinous speech just before their departure. Chief Judge Ariffin seems to have followed this traditional course in addressing members of the Judiciary.

He reminded them that the justice system is “the pillar on which society rests” If only that were true! He surely cannot be unaware that the people of Malaysia hold much of the judicial system, and many of its judges, in contempt as venal and subservient to political control.

The record is there for all to see and does not need further recital. If the justice system is the alleged pillar why are Najib and his ministers not in jail? Everyone knows they are mega crooks whose “loyalty” is bought by Najib on a weekly basis, using stolen public money for the purpose.

Does the outgoing CJ not know that a warrant for the arrest of Najib was approved by another eminent lawyer only for the latter to be pitched out of his office by Najib’s SB goons?

Does the outgoing CJ not know that the current Attorney General “cleared” Najib while holding up in public proofs of Najib’s guilt? Why did he allow such a criminal audience in his Courts? There can only be a few answers to these questions and they vary from sheer stupidity to worse, much worse.

So enjoy your retirement. It may be shorter, much shorter, than you think.

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