Another Illegal Handout By BN

Two hundred and sixty five settlers from Felda Palong Timur Dua and Felda Palong Timur Tiga will be receiving replanting incentives of RM4,000 each starting today.

This was announced by Segamat incumbent Dr S Subramaniam last night.

Subramaniam, who is also the health minister, said the announcement was made after receiving approval for the incentive from Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Subramaniam said he contacted the prime minister himself on the approval of incentive payments for the Felda settlers who had been waiting for four years.

“The prime minister gave his approval to resolve the matter and payment will start from tomorrow,” he said at a Felda carnival in Gugusan Palong Timur yesterday.

He said the payment would be completed before polling day on May 9, and expressed hope that the incentive payment would help lighten the burden of settlers

Our comment

Are FELDA folk willing to be played with like this?

They have to wait four years, only to finally get their RM4k on the day before the election – and are told to gratefully vote for the man who in 2012 told them he would make them millionaires.

Do they remember Najib’s promise to make them ‘stock market millionaires’?

That dream was to persuade them to surrender their birthright and their childrens’ inheritance in return for a one time payment that was a fraction of what their lands were worth.

Najib’s people soon made sure that all the money raised from the FELDA sell-offs had disappeared in ‘foreign investments’, meaning that its stock market value as crashed and those shares owned by the ‘millionaire’ settlers are now worth a fraction of what they were.

FELDA folk have no need to thank Najib with their votes!

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