EC Stands For Election Cheats

Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) Klang candidate Charles Santiago today raised concerns over nearly 1,000 phantom voters in the constituency, including 500 new voters whom he said had been transferred in from as far as Melaka, Perak and Sabah….

In a statement, he said PH had identified the following trends in Klang: multiple voters at the same address, houses which were too small to accommodate the number of people registered there as voters, and houses and roads that appeared to be nonexistent.

He gave the example of 27 people purportedly registered at 26, Jalan 5, Kampung Idaman; 26 people registered at 21, Jalan 8A; and 25 people registered at 6, Jalan 1.

Another 10 voters were supposedly registered at 28, Jalan 79 within a span of six months.

“There does not appear to be a No 26, Jalan 6 as all the houses are odd-numbered,” he said. “There does not appear to be a Jalan 8 in Pandamaran Jaya.”

Santiago said these houses appeared to be concentrated around the Klang constituency, which had become a marginal seat following the Election Commission’s (EC) redrawing of electoral boundaries.

In the 2013 general election, he said, the opposition had highlighted the case of 34 Indian and Malay voters apparently registered to a Chinese home at 994, Jalan Papan. Until now, though, no action had been taken.

“On top and above this, there are 495 voters whose IC numbers are in the Sabah Project IC Royal Commission of Inquiry list, who are also in the Klang voter roll.”

Santiago urged the EC to bear full responsibility in the matter and called on the people of Klang to come out in full force and vote on May 9.

Our comment

This is the kind of incremental cheating that the Election Cheats have been tasked by the Big Nabbers to draw up.

Together with the myriad of other measures that have one objective in common – cheating.

The likes of Nur Jaslan will say that these small percentages don’t matter.  However, as the results in 2013 show, this is how BN have got used to winning.  Dozens of the crucial seats that gained the Big Nabbers their majority only scraped through with tiny margins, achieved by all these ‘little’ cheats.

The scale of the challenge has been far greater in 2018 and so the desperate measures have been even more jaw dropping. A RM4k bribe to all FELDA farmers at the last minute?!

If necessary false Form 14s with made up figures will provide the Election Cheats with their ultimate weapon if all else fails, they hope.

To prevent any reporting or complaints about such matters, the delightful Azalina has already announced she is preparing a strengthening of her ‘Fake News Laws’, which will presumably dictate immediate imprisonment for those who quarrel with the Election Cheats.

Then she and the equally delicious Rosmah Mansor and the gushing Sharizat will all be able to sit down together and count their amazing winnings.  Maybe a jumbo jet to Vegas might be in keeping?

Malaysia faces the prospect of permanent rule by those Three W’s, if the Election Cheats can get their way.

Charming prospect?

Charming prospect?

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