'Back Orifice' Activity Fine By PAS

For PAS, the terms “front door” and “back door” do not arise when it comes to forming a government. All it takes is a window of opportunity to change a government, as long as the change is carried out legally.

According to PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, as long as the changes are made in accordance within democratic, legal and constitutional means, PAS considers the change to be “legitimate”, even if it was done through a “window”.

“The back door, the front door, for us there is no such term. The change must be by existing laws and regulations.

“For example, there was a change of government in Perak in 2009 (when three Pakatan Rakyat legislators defected to BN), do we want to say that was by the back door? After all, it is legal,” said Tuan Ibrahim, who is also Kubang Kerian MP.

Our comment

The Mercedes chauffered PAS leadership are once again making a mockery of basic morality as they posture as a ‘religious’ party, instead of the bunch of rogues everyone knows them to be.

On this occasion they are fantasising about taking over power by seducing as many MPs as possible, by whatever means it appears, into a completely different political coalition to the one they were elected to serve in – one that would support the dishonest, sectarian and bigotted agenda PAS promotes instead of the reforming pledge to return Malaysia to the rule of law that won the present government its term of office.

For UMNO leaders facing criminal charges the incentive of the proposed realignment would be to ‘solve Najib’s problem’ as Zahid, who was caught on tape claiming Dr Mahathir would support the conspiracy, put it.

Put simply, this bunch of self-confessed liars and deceivers have no moral qualms about turning MPs into hopping frogs (historical incentives have almost always involved cash) who cheat their constituents by swapping parties and agendas in return for personal favours and opportunities, if it keeps the likes of themselves and Najib out of jail. Who cares what the electorate voted them in to do?

These ‘preachers’ who have no shame in spending money offered by the reforming central government to bail out their failing state (money meant to pay staff salaries and services for people) on flash top of the range Mercs for their own use, certainly surprise nobody that they see nothing wrong with this ‘back orifice’ activity.

They have no credible authority to lecture others one jot about morality however, as it is they who need to be sent back to their religious classes to be taught the difference between right and wrong.

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