Trade In Your Merc Ibrahim!

“At that time, Tuan Guru was using a very beautiful cane. I do not know where he got it or bought it but I saw that it was a beautiful cane, so I knew he loved that cane,” he said…..

Despite that, Tuan Ibrahim said that Nik Aziz was still willing to give his beloved cane to the old man, before taking the old man’s wooden cane.

“He (Nik Aziz) turned to me and read that verse – we have to give what we love, we have to give what we love.

“…That is why the al-Quran condemns those contributions which we do not like and do not want, but we give to others, those which we would not like even if others were to give to us.

“Allah wants us to give something we love,” Tuan Ibrahim said.

He shared this story during his officiating speech at the National Welfare Convention at the Dewan Seri Kasih Bandar Tun Hussein Onn today.

Our comment

Well, the first thing Tuan Ibrahim can do to show a good example is to gift his Merc and all those other Mercs bought with public money by his show-off colleagues to a good welfare cause to help constituents in PAS run states, who are poorer than anywhere else in Peninsular Malaysia.

Why fall back on a long departed and highly regarded leader, who adopted the opposite politics to his present party, to show how things ought to be done according to the principles he purports to espouse?

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