Forget PKR, What About Turmoil In PAS?

The turmoil in PKR has worsened with the sacking of Kelantan Youth chief Mohd Hafidz Rizal Amran via WhatsApp today.

Hafidz received the message from the party’s Youth chief, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, this morning.

“I received a WhatsApp message from Nik Nazmi at 9.08am, stating that I’ve been sacked with immediate effect from the post of Kelantan Youth chief. I will issue a statement soon,” he wrote on Facebook.

The matter was confirmed by Nik Nazmi with The Malaysian Insight.

Our comment

If there is confusion in PKR about whether it’s worth trying to maintain good working relations with its former ally (following PAS’s unilateral severing of ties between the parties back in May) what about the rank and file members of PAS?

It was the President Hadi and the Syura Council who triggered the split, in the latest of a long line of decisions designed to break down PAS’s working relationships with its former politcal allies and apparently move the party towards cooperation with UMNO instead.

The change of direction has already split PAS in two, forcing the moderate and secular leaders out to form Amanah, which has devastatingly taken half of PAS’s votes in subsequent by-elections.  Most leaders would be appalled by such damage, but Hadi has carried on bulldozing alliances, which were painstakingly built over many years.

Indeed, PAS rank and file and PAS voters must sigh with ever greater anxiety each time the leadership makes further needless enemies out of their former friends, driving the party further into a hardline rump of extremists with their Islamic State agenda. The debates in PKR must rate nothing compared to those questions within PAS.

So, Hadi should start looking over his own shoulder and counting how many people actually remain behind him as he throws away yet more past friends and apparenly places all his bets on his new “mature cooperation” with Najib’s scandal soaked UMNO/BN alliance.

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