Have Faith And Thou Shalt Receive Also Of The Stolen Dedak

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has done Malaysia proud in the eyes of the Muslim world, which is why the Arabs donated money to the prime minister, said an Umno delegate.

Federal Territories Umno delegate Rizuan Abd Hamid, who was debating the motion on religion and education at the Umno annual general assembly today, pointed out Malaysia is known in the eyes of the world as a leading promoter of the halal industry.

Citing relevant figures, he said the halal industry market is worth US$2.3 trillion and Malaysian products alone are expected to be worth US$41 billion this year.

The International Trade and Industry Ministry earlier this year announced exports of halal products from January to September last year totalled RM31.1 billion.

Thanking Najib for this, Rizuan said Malaysia’s achievements in the area show how great the country is in the eyes of the world.

“Why? Because it is led by Najib as prime minister. Muslims around the world respect our prime minister.

“That’s why the Saudi prince gave money to Najib to be used in the elections. It was not for his own use,” he stressed.

Our comment

So what is this Saudi Royal’s name?

And why has Najib not sued the FBI, which examined all the dollar bank records which have to be cleared through the United States, and concluded the money went from 1MDB’s account to Najib’s in three swift moves?

This is self-serving blind faith by delegates, who know the more they heap public praise on Najib the more of the stolen dedak Rosmah will pay into their pockets.

Each should be aware of the deadly effects of contamination of this dedak – one day they will wish they had resisted the temptation of money they know was stolen from an angry Rakyat.

And Najib ought not to brag to the Arab world, whilst allowing respected figures like the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi to be slandered as a ‘plotter’ by his bloggers for moving to stop the 1MDB thefts.

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