Why Such A Coward Zahid?

Speaking at the closing of the 70th Umno annual general assembly in Kuala Lumpur today, Zahid said he had been tasked by Najib to deal with foreign elements trying to spark a revolution in the country.

He claimed these elements included human rights group Suaram, electoral reform group Bersih, the Bar Council, news portal Malaysiakini and whistle blower portal Sarawak Report.

“The question is, what is the next course of action?

“I would like to announce that the government is forming a task force comprising the police, MACC, Bank Negara and AG’s Chambers to seek out even the smallest of information (about these elements),” he said.

Zahid, in his winding-up speech, urged Umno delegates to honour the police for taking action as the hall erupted in cheers.

Earlier in his speech, Zahid said the organisations he named had received funding from organisations linked to US billionaire George Soros.

Our comment

To his cheering UMNO accessories (today all back decoratively dressed in red) Zahid announced that he has been placed at the head of a Special Task Force by PM Najib to investigate and pursue…… Sarawak Report!

Presumably, this means that sinister fellows will again be sent out from the Embassy in Belgrave Square to lurk around the house of the Editor of this blog and stalk her to coffee shops and the like, trying to peek into her computer and catch her in the subversive activity of telling the truth.

Yet if he is so angry about this airing of the truth, why doesn’t he square up to some bigger fellows, rather than threatening a single female writer or locking up female civil rights champions like Maria or hounding already acquitted film show festival organisers like Lena?

How about taking on the US Dept of Justice and FBI?  How about slanging Singapore’s Monetary Authority and the Swiss Prosecutors? How about ranting away at the numerous international banks, who have now owned up, apologised and paid fines for money laundering, thereby placing Najib and 1MDB’s illegal actions squarely in the frame, despite all their ridiculous denials and phantom donors?

No, bullies are cowards, so he prefers to blame a single woman who caught Najib with his hand bang in the public till – stealing from the mouths of the Rakyat and spending the cash on gaudy bags and diamonds and large size clothing and anti-aging treatment for his domineering wife.

So, Sarawak Report has this reply for Zahid and his followers, all trapped in their UMNO bubble and padded from the realities of the wider world: we know how to deal with bullies; we stand up to them.

Watch this space.

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