Let Them Eat Cake!

Malacca Chief Minister Idris Haron has slammed postings on social media that suggest Malaysia’s economy is facing a downturn, arguing no one has died of hunger yet.

On the contrary not only is Malaysia prosperous, he said, but it is the fruit of Umno policies to ensure social justice.

Officiating the Ampang Umno divisional meetings for its Youth, Women, and Puteri wings today, Idris said to be economically prosperous means being able to put enough food on the table.

Not only is no one dying of hunger in Malaysia, he said, but the country is so prosperous, some are finding that 29 days of Syawwal is not enough to hold Hari Raya open houses.

He cited an anecdote about an acquaintance who wanted to hold a Hari Raya open house today, although the month of Shawwal has already passed.

Our comment

Famously, Marie Antoinette spoke thus in advance of the Great French Revolution – showing a total disconnect between the pampered and privileged few from the travails of normal people. She paid with her head.

Malaysians now know that until people start dying in the street the Malacca Chief and his UMNO pals are not going to get that bothered.

That’s their definition of an economic downturn.

Meanwhile, Idris Haron and his select circle of privileged rent-seekers just cannot stuff themselves enough. They are extending their month of Shawwal blow-outs and cripplingly expensive ‘open house parties’ so that there are enough days for all of them to play host.

Is that how it is out there for salary earners and GST tax payers in Malaysia?

Enough said.

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