People's Mandate?

Khairy stressed that the DOJ’s action had nothing to do with the Malaysian government nor did it directly involve Najib or 1MDB.

He also said those named in the suits would have their day in court to defend themselves against the accusations.

In light of this, he said demands for Najib to quit office were uncalled for.

“The accusations in this investigative findings have yet to be proven, but suddenly there are calls (for Najib) to step down and many more.

“I can’t accept this because this is the government and the prime minister that have the people’s mandate.”

Our comment

Aside from all the other childish nonsense, criticising grown-ups from the DOJ, Najib’s paid-up chorus are back with the mantra that they have a ‘people’s mandate’.

So, let us remind them that they don’t.

Najib’s own excuse for pocketing RM2.6 billion before the last election was to help him win it. What do we think he spent all that illicit money on?  Everyone has seen the notes that were being handed round on polling day and knows of the obscene graft associated with BN ‘money politics’.

But, even then, with all that bribery and cheating, BN did not win the people’s mandate. Anwar’s coalition got substantially more votes and only outrageous and unconstitutional gerrymandering, thanks to BN’s subversion of the Election Commission, got them a majority of seats.

So, that election “win” was every bit as criminal a theft as all that money stolen from 1MDB and Khairy and co would do well to shut up about it, even if it is their best excuse.

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