Najib At It Again

Caretaker Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak announced several “gifts” for the people of Sungai Siput if BN wins the parliament seat, which has been held by the opposition for two terms……..

“A total of 500 units of houses under the People’s Housing Project (PPR) will also be built,” he said in his speech at the Hebatkan Negaraku gathering, here today…..

“I will be announcing the other gifts after after May 9,” he told the crowd.

“We will together make changes to Sungai Siput, we need the power of politics and Putrajaya must belong to BN.

“Perak must belong to BN and this will bring our strength, Sungai Siput has been neglected … what has the MP done,” he added…

“The government wants to help the poor … rich people like Mokhzani (Tan Sri Mokhzani Mahathir), he is already rich, he has sport cars and a private jet. What do you have?

“Only the BN government can help you … it is not an insult to the poor.

“We assist the poor so that they can be successful,” he added.

Our comment

There he goes again, reminding the world what a crook he is.

Najib has bribed and cheated so long that he has no shame left.  He just hawks on the hustings, asking audiences to name their price.

But after 60 years of this man and his party the poor people he feigns to care about it must have got the message surely?

Promises are cheap to make and Najib won’t be hanging around to make sure BN keeps these any more than all the others. He has no intention of fighting any more elections, so he doesn’t care if folk feel cheated.

He even thinks he can get away with the hypocrisy of accusing others of being rich, whilst his wife drowns in stolen diamonds and billions of stolen cash has been splurged on jets, yachts, casinos, movies, fireworks and champagne.

He has not a shred of moral authority, so he should quit preaching, just stick to hawking and see where that gets him.

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