Peter Chin Cries 'Foul'? How About His OWN RM559 Million Project?

A former Sarawak political leader has criticised Sarawak Report for publishing images of cheques amounting to RM1 million purportedly issued by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to his party.

However, Peter Chin neither denied nor confirmed if the matter was true. The former Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) president said the publication of the images at a time when Sarawak was facing its election was aimed at disparaging the image of SUPP and its candidates.

“This publication by Sarawak Report is, in my view, an effort to cast aspersions on the SUPP leadership then and now, in the hope of misleading voters on current issues that are important to the people of Sarawak,” Chin added in a media statement. Chin, who led SUPP from 2012 to 2014, described this as the work of the opposition.

Our comment

Perhaps, since Peter Chin is at last acknowledging articles by Sarawak Report, he would care to answer the information we published last year about his own involvement in a pre-GE13 RM559 million ‘Schools Project”, rushed through by Najib at his request just days before the election?

This is what we said:

Directly implicated was the then Energy Minister and Sarawak SUPP President Peter Chin, working in clear collaboration with a company called One BU Redha Services Sdn Bhd, which is closely linked to the now Governor and then Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud.

According to papers in our possession Najib Razak personally approved the deal, predominantly as a vote-buying exercise, which had been recommended by Chin.  The proposal was fast-tracked directly through the Prime Minister’s own office, without review and without questioning the astonishing RM559million price tag.”

Read the rest of our article here and if Chin sticks his nose out of doors again between now and the election try asking him what happened to all that money!

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