No Shame

Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today announced RM250,000 in allocation for the Royal Malaysian Police’s General Operations Force (PGA), Kuching camp, a day before its members are set to cast their votes in advance voting…

Zahid said he would also consider inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar’s request for an allowance hike for his men, but indicated he would like to first see how they will vote.

“The inspector-general of police whispers to me at every meeting, asking ‘what about the allowances of men’.

“Ladies and gentleman, prove it to me. I have said and I delivered….

“I take care of my men in ensuring that they are promoted but before that, prove it to me first.

“If the evidence embarrasses me, then it is difficult for me to make the request to the prime minister,” he said…

Noting that tomorrow was an “important day”, Zahid urged PGA members present not to forget him and to “help” him.

He stressed that he was not campaigning for the election but then knowingly beckons Sim forward.

“I am not campaigning here… what I am doing is for the welfare of my men.

“I am not campaigning, but I want Sim to come forward a little, raise your hand a little,” he said to loud applause from the floor.

Our comment

Never has anyone succeeded as well as Zahid in condemning himself by his own words.

This jumped up deputy is well known to be waiting for the right moment to stab his beleaguered boss in the back and take the job, whilst pretending to be so loyal.

By such public displays he has shown himself a very fitting successor to Najib, should Malaysia wish to remain a tin-pot, criminal state.

The rest of Malaysia should have no time for him.  There are better prospects.


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