Preventative Measures Needed Against Upstarts In Uniforms

Immigration director-general Sakib Kusmi says he is empowered by the law to decide whether or not government critics can leave the country.

Thus, he said, the ban list was based on his own discretion, as well as the advice of other enforcement agencies.

“For example, if the police say someone is dangerous, even though it (the matter) has not gone to court yet, we can take action,” he said when met at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport today.

He was commenting further on his previous remarks that critics of the government would not be allowed to leave the country….

Sakib defended the barring of critics as a preventive measure.

“We don’t want to act only after something happens,” he said without elaborating.

He also said there was a difference between criticising the government and insulting it.

“As long you have no intention to be radical, there’s no problem… You can criticise, but it must be positive criticism.

“Not criticism saying this person is no good. Some don’t even criticise but insult, that is worse.”

However, he denied that this was politicking

Our comment

This chap in a uniform, hired by the Rakyat, is exceeding his powers.

In fact, he doesn’t appear to understand his powers, let alone half the things he is talking about.

He is, therefore, far more dangerous a character to the safety of individuals and the state than all the people he is arbitrarily trying to shut in and shut out of the country.

If ‘preventative action’ is needed it should be against him, in order to stop him from shooting from the hip at anyone he personally decides has produced criticism that he has concluded is not ‘positive’ criticism, but negative.

As if he knew one from the other, given that the distinction is subjective.

Someone should take legal action against this fellow for assuming that his job in overseeing orderly immigration procedures is a way of harassing upright citizens, who might happen to disagree with his boss.

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