The Usual Insults From RPK

Raja Petra wrote, “The non-Muslim Chinese and Indians may have earned the right to call themselves Malaysian citizens but that does not mean they have also earned the right to tell Muslims how they should practice Islam.

“Andy Yong needs to do a reality check and not assume that his Malaysian citizenship means he can define Islam. Islam is defined by the Quran and not by people like Andy Yong.”

“What is he trying to prove?” retorted Yong, a lawyer.

“First of all, I have never attempted to define Islam, but the constitutional aspect of it.

“What I explained was it is inevitable that if Hadi’s bill comes into force, it will affect the non-Muslims as well,” he said…..

He was responding to the article titled ‘Chinese should stop trying to prove they are stupid’…

Our comment

This blogger’s present trademark is to insult the Chinese and other non-Malays, which is particularly sad since he is married to a Chinese.

However, his own credentials are shaky when claiming to speak for Malays.

His mother was British and he took up his right to citizenship and a UK passport when he fell foul of libel law in Malaysia (and became bankrupt) and fled abroad.

Under Malaysian legislation prohibiting dual citizenship this nullifies his right to a Malay passport.

So, RPK is a foreigner too.

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