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Sarawak Report Is No 'Tool'

Five days before the May 9 general election, the Research Division in the Prime Minister’s Department, which is touted to be an intelligence unit, had penned a letter to then-CIA director designate Gina Haspel….

the letter appealed for US support for Najib’s administration “even if we win the election by a simple majority or just one seat.”….

The letter states: “I hope Your Excellency’s esteemed service would be able to report to the secretary of state on the complexity of managing this election by Prime Minister Najib and the need to have US support for the present government even if we are to win the election by a simple majority or just one seat.

“Any indication that the US government would continue to support Prime Minister Najib and his government would definitely strengthen our stability and enhance the existing cordial relationship driven by the strong rapport between our two leaders.”…

The letter also mentioned Malaysiakini and Sarawak Report, claiming that the opposition was spreading negative narratives on the political and socio-economic policies through these portals.


Our comment

Najib and his creatures simply failed to understand how their disgusting behaviour provoked people to stand up to them. Sarawak Report is independent and lots of people have contributed relatively small sums of cash to keep the show on the road.  Period.

No political party can claim to be democratic if it fails to understand the basic principles of freedom of speech and freedom of association in terms of the press and private and public opinion.  To Najib and his cohorts the role of the press was soley to act as a paid cheerleader for one political interest or another, whatever the public interest appeared to be.

Sarawak Report and others are not ‘tools of the opposition’ they are critics of corruption and crime.  It was for this reason that Sarawak Report criticised Najib over criminal and corrupt practices.  Nothing more and nothing less.  The majority 99% of people can understand this perfectly, only Malaysia’s corrupt elite, used to getting their own way and manipulating the truth through abuse of powers can’t seem to get it.

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