UMNO Bigwigs Cannot Work Out Who Malaysian Official 1 Is!

The Umno supreme council, which met last week, did not discuss the “Malaysian Official 1″ mentioned in the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) court filings against the alleged abuse of 1MDB funds, according to Kinabatangan MP Bung Moktar Radin.

However, he said the issue of the court filings was raised during the meeting.

“We did not discuss it because nobody knew who ‘MO1′ was,” he told Malaysiakini.

“DOJ did not name the person, so it is difficult to predict (who the person is),” he added.

After chairing the meeting, Najib had told reporters that the council had taken note of the so-called “Malaysian Official 1″, who was mentioned 36 times in the court filings.

Our comment

Lucky these top people had drivers to take them home, since plainly they could not find the way themselves.

Poor Malaysia to be governed by morons, or worse, such unscrupulous liars.

This Minister along with UMNO bigwigs did not need to “predict” who Malaysian Official 1, since it is a matter of very basic deduction.  The DOJ detailed every aspect of Najib’s job, position and family ties. They also detailed how Malaysian Official 1 had received US$681 million from Tanore Finance Corporation into his private AmBank account in KL in March 2013… something Najib himself has admitted to.

Do the master brains of the Malaysian Cabinet think there may be other Malaysian Officials in KL who also received US$681 million from Tanore Finance into their AmBank accounts in two identical tranches on the same dates in March 2013?


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