YOU Are The Foreigner Najib!

Najib said foreign interference could lead Malaysia into a chaotic situation as had happened to several Arab countries.

“We should not invite foreigners to interfere in our affairs. Let the internal affairs of the country be decided by the people themselves,” he said yesterday at a meet-the-people session in Matu, 67km from here.

Najib remarked that, surprisingly, a statesman who had once led Malaysia and who had prevented or denied foreign interference during his tenure has now called for foreign intervention.

He urged the people of Sarawak to shun any form of interference from outside by showing their support for Barisan Nasional. He said the people of Sarawak are duty-bound to decide their own future and decide how the state can become a developed and progressive state.

Our comment

Flying ostentatiously around in helicopters at the expense of the people of Sarawak, Najib should realise that to them it is HE who is the bloody foreigner!

Why does he think the Sarawak for Sarawakians movement has the approval of approximately 80% of the population?

It is because he and BN have acted like a foreign power in their state, sucking out their resources and throwing beer and noodles back at them during election time.

They show no respect for the Dayak nor their culture nor religion and they publicly demand that a minority Malay must always control the leadership.

As for the on-off Borneo Highway, Najib has given the entire project to his pal Mr Bustari, ensuring it will become just another 1MDB-style operation, where his cronies can suck most of the billions away into Najib’s pockets and their own.

BN could not build a decent road to save their lives – it is simply impossible when every project they commission is prioritised around graft and not delivery.

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