"Clare's dogged (and to some, more that a little annoying) persistence and an incredible nose for the fishy stuff, uncovered the heist of the century.  The explosive exposés  rocked the nation, and precipitated the fall of the Malaysian government for the first time in 60 years."
Tony Pua, Member of Parliament for Damansara, Malaysia

Investigating the deforestation of Sarawak, Borneo, and the dispossession of its people, journalist Clare Rewcastle Brown followed a trail of corruption that led her to the heart of Malaysian politics and to Prime Minister Najib Razak himself. Determined that the public should know the truth, she started a blog, which became Malaysia's go-to news outlet for information that the government was trying to suppress – and whistleblowers wanted to get out. She was soon running a radio station too...

Full story in The Sarawak Report book to be launched on September 8, 2018


UBS Should Declare It's Interest


An investor is not concerned about the potential political fallout on the ringgit as she expected the country’s leadership to remain “more or less status quo”.

Speaking to CNBC, Tan Min Lan said: “There are ongoing issues, but the opposition is in disarray and therefore there is no alternative. And hence a change in government in Malaysia is highly unlikely.”

Tan, who heads the Asia Pacific investment office for UBS wealth management, was reacting to strategists at the National Australia Bank (NAB).

According to NAB, the political turmoil does not herald good news for the Malaysian currency.

“The simmering political crisis remains and is likely to continue to undermine investor confidence with speculation about elections continuing to swirl,” it said.

NAB had made its forecast in a note titled “Malaysia – Truly awkward,” which is a sarcastic take on the country’s tourism advertising slogan, “Malaysia, truly Asia.”

With the ringgit continuing to slide against the US dollar, Tan remained positive of the situation.

“The current account position is very comfortable. The fiscal balance is very well managed. The monetary policy, as well, Bank Negara continues to have a very good standing with international investors,” she told CNBC.

Expressing concern over the high foreign ownership of Malaysia’s domestic bonds – at nearly 40 percent on some measurements – she however noted that the country was still rated single-A by the three major credit rating agencies Fitch, S&P and Moody’s.

Our comment

As a bank which has just paid a fine in recognition of its shoddy dealings over 1MDB’s stolen billions, UBS ought to have declared its interest before putting up Ms Tan to opine about politics and the future in Malaysia.

UBS is currently facing a prosecution case in Switzerland over its disgraceful handling of Sabah’s Musa Aman’s off-shore timber kickbacks.

It was also none other than UBS who held the account for the bogus Aabar PJS Limited BVI at its branch in Singapore, through which hundreds of millions in payments were mysteriously funnelled, sometimes in just one day.

UBS plainly failed to bother in the slightest to do its appropriate due diligence on this account.

So, the last thing UBS wants to see is any political change in Malaysia or (heaven forbid) a clear up of the notorious political corruption that it has shown itself very happy to facilitate over the years, providing bank accounts for any number of these high level crooks.

If, on top of this, they want to send their ‘wealth managers’ on to TV to try to reassure the world that all is good and well with Malaysia’s seething corruption, then they ought state first where they are coming from…. which is that they are vested up to their necks in the corruption they are defending.

Hadi's Creepy Law Promotes Perversion

“Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Jamil Khir requested for Hadi to alter his motion so that there will be a limitation (on the punishments),” Khairuddin said.

He added that details on the various offences and corresponding punishments would be decided by the state governments.

These would only apply to Muslims and involve offences such as pre-marital sex, adultery, drinking alcohol and qazaf (false accusation), he stressed.

Khairuddin also defended the proposed 100 times of whipping.

“Caning 100 times under civil and syariah law are different. Under syariah law, it’s like caning a child only. It’s just a light slap.

“A hundred strokes of the whip under syariah law is just like one stroke under civil law,” he said.

Hadi will now have to give notice to the Parliament secretary to alter his private member’s motion, taking into account the new punishment cap.

The changes came after a briefing organised by Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for Muslim MPs on Hadi’s motion yesterday.

Hadi’s effort is often referred to as the ‘Hudud Bill’ as it would ultimately pave the way for the partial implementation of the Islamic penal code, specifically in PAS-ruled Kelantan, which has already passed an enactment to that effect.

For example, the punishment of whipping under the enactment ranges from 40 to 100 strokes.

However, the Kelantan state enactment cannot be implemented as long as the current punishment limits on the syariah court stands.

Meanwhile, PAS will organise a nationwide solat hajat after maghrib(dusk) prayers today, for Hadi’s bill

Our comment

Hadi needs to be aware that his primitive and perverted punishment ideas will be counter-productive in the extreme in the field of moral probity, which he says he seeks to promote.

He talks lightly of “caning like a child only”.  It is well known that the psychological damage of childhood whipping extends into many adult disorders, including sado-masochism and paedophilia.

Public displays of such a crude and vicious kind soon whets the blood lust of those within the crowd who hold such tendencies and it will lead to crimes by them against others.  It will also start the slippery slope towards more and more violent and disgusting crowd-pleasing punishments.

Everyone knows that people who come from the most repressive societies are always the first to indulge in gross and abusive carnal practices of extreme kinds when they get the chance. Appalling activities by wealthy, ‘pious’ Arabs frequently shock the public in the “liberal” West.

Two wrongs do not make a right and violence begets violence.  No religious person should therefore advocate combatting what he believes to be a sin by an act all know to be a sin, which is unnecessary violence.

It is unpleasant to consider the psychological motives of someone so bent on seeking out permission to inflict humiliation and pain on another person who has transgressed into temptation, but we all know that such impulses lurk at the bottom of many of the perversions in our society.

So, Hadi ought be wary of being painted in future minds as some kind of dirty old man by promoting this adoption of foreign cult practices and drop his distasteful and dangerous bill.

If RKP Is Not Paid From 1MDB's Stolen Money How Is He Paid?

Mahathir and his ANC were hoping that Hillary Clinton would win the US Presidency. Then they can keep this DoJ issue alive. But now that Donald Trump has won instead, there goes their US campaign to create the perception that Najib is a dead man walking…

Oh, by the way, a little bird told me that the letter below was prepared yesterday in anticipation of Trump winning the US Presidency today. And that is the difference between Najib’s Boffin Boys and Mahathir’s Keystone Cops. Najib’s boys know what they are doing while Mahathir boys blunder every step of the way.

Now you know why in February 2015 when I was asked to decide whether to join Mahathir’s team or Najib’s team I chose Najib’s team. It is just that I detest working with idiots and enjoy working with brilliant people. I mean, only idiots would enjoy working with idiots. And I would like to believe that I am brilliant and not an idiot.

Our comment

Today’s message point from PMO Communications Dept has been the claim that Najib is best golfing pals with Muslim-bashing Donald Trump (greasing up to Obama and funding Frank White are soooo yesterday….. time to re-dial Josh Trevino).

Cabinet was informed by Najib that this means he is definitely off the hook over 1MDB and blogger RPK duly parroted the line in his latest libellous ramblings from the back of his North Manchester cafe joint.

Interestingly (for once), having accused SR, the WSJ, the DOJ and various others of being in the paid thrall of a Soros ‘Jewish plot’, RPK went on to admit he works for ‘Najib’s team’, which he says means he is “brilliant”.

This raises the question as to what money is being used to pay him, since he isn’t on the books at PMO?  It seems highly likely that another foreign based recipient of 1MDB’s stolen money has been identified therefore and the various law-enforcers will be notified.

As for Trump ‘letting off Najib’.  RPK has amply demonstrated that he has a morality-free, grovelling UMNO mentality, which is that boss-man fixes everything, so stick close to boss-man skirts. However, the US has a more advanced approach, meaning even the all-powerful Trump will not be able to ring the DOJ and tell them to “pull the investigations on that guy Najib I played golf with in 2009″.

To the contrary, he has vowed to “drain the swamp” (on corruption) and what better place to start than to encourage a speed-up of the action against Islamist agitating kleptocrats, who hide their money in the USA and send fighters into IS by the plane load from SE Asia?

Najib Admits He Is A Kleptocrat - Says So What?

West shouldn’t lecture, Najib says as Malaysia embraces China:

In an editorial in a Chinese state-run paper, China Daily the Prime Minister sought to explain his administration’s move to increase trade and cooperation with China…“More generally, we believe it is incumbent upon larger countries to treat smaller ones fairly. And this includes former colonial powers. It is not for them to lecture countries they once exploited on how to conduct their own internal affairs today.

“Malaysia and China are united in agreeing on the need to defend the sovereignty of the nation state and in the belief that the individual histories, values and governance systems of different countries must be respected,” Najib wrote.

The PM stressed that it is important for “global institutions” to reflect the views of countries which were given no say in the” legal and security infrastructure” that was set up by the victors of the Second World War.

….. Calling it the “Asian Century”, Najib said that China and Malaysia must continue working on the partnership…

“When it comes to the South China Sea, we firmly believe that overlapping territorial and maritime disputes should be managed calmly and rationally through dialogue, in accordance with the rule of law and peaceful negotiations,” he said.

Yesterday, Malaysian and Chinese companies made history with the signing of 14 agreements worth RM144 billion.

PM Najib had said the amount was the biggest ever recorded in conjunction with his official visit overseas, and it was a historic achievement.

Our comment

Najib is saying that the US should “respect” his system of government, which happens to be kleptocracy.

And by this he means that he should be allowed to make the single biggest recorded theft of public money and then use that money to purchase properties and assets in the United States, in contravention of US domestic laws against money laundering.

Anyone who says he can’t break the laws of America in this fashion is simply a frightful colonialist from the century before last, who is personally responsible for similar crimes, according to Najib.

It is a lame argument, which goes into the same category as Saudi donors and Cayman Island funds. Incidentally, it also acts as an open admission at last that he is up to his neck in the DOJ investigation in America.

The vast majority of Malaysians of whatever creed are sickened and shocked by this freewheeling madness.  However the Prime Minister, his wife, his refugee from Hollywood stepson and Senior Minister Without Portfolio, Jho Low, reckon that their place-men in UMNO are bought and paid for junior gangsters, who will continue to do their bidding.

In the UK MP's Can At Least TALK Mr Pandikar!

Members of Parliament may harp about the practices of western parliaments, but they do not even act like they belong in one, House Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia says today.

“We always say we are a democratic country, we should emulate how democratic countries operate.

“But we don’t act like the lawmakers we refer to.

“In the British House of Commons, there are no MPs who walk out during the tabling of the budget, never,” Pandikar told a press conference in the Parliament reception room today.

This was a swipe at opposition lawmakers who walked out of the Dewan Rakyat during Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s Budget 2017 speech last Friday.

“Maybe for me, as someone who moved to the city from a kampung because I happen to work here, I can’t fathom this sort of thinking,” he said in jest.

He said he felt sad that the public, who don’t know the House rules and conventions, were swayed by media reports and the actions of lawmakers who ran against these norms but pretended it was democracy.

Pandikar said ultimately, it is the MPs who must behave themselves.

“During a debate, no speaker in the world can control anybody unless you put cellotape or masking tape on their mouths.

“The control is actually them (the lawmakers),” he said, noting that they were supposed to be the best in society.

Our comment

If Speaker Pandikar wishes to lecture MPs on how things are done at Westminster he should at least show a basic awareness of that most sacred of institutions, which is Parliamentary Privilege.

Parliamentary Privilege acknowledges the right of MPs to discuss all matters they consider to be important and relevant freely within the House.

Even if that might embarrass the Prime Minister!

Instead, because it might embarrass the Prime Minister, Pandikar has ruled that there must be zero mention of 1MDB in Parliament.

He came up with a lie for an excuse, saying it was ‘sub-judice’. To the contrary all investigations and prosecutions into 1MDB have been dropped by the AG, again on the demand of the Prime Minister, who had unconstitutionally sacked his predecessor for initiating a prosecution (against him).

But, even if it were sub-judice, the point of Parliamentary Privilege is that it frees MPs from the danger of contempt of court, if they consider the matter important enough to be raised within the confines of the House.

So, having been illegally denied their constitutional right and duty to talk about the pressing matters of the day, MPs chose to walk instead. Every democrat in genuine parliaments across the world would support and sympathise with that gesture and it is Mr Pandikar who stands deplored in all such circles.

But, maybe he is holding out for that second private toilet, which his offices undoubtably stand in need of given all these troubled times?

Najib Must Refute His Followers

Maria had received the threat via her mobile phone, and the message had stated that it was a warning from Malaysian Islamic State operatives.

According to Maria’s report, part of the threat read: “Demi Allah dan kesucian perjuangan Islam di Malaysia, kalau ko nak hilang kepala macam kt Syria, teruskan keje bodoh tu. Aku potong kepala ko aku rakam dan akan aku sebar dalam u tube…aku kenal sape ko, aku tau kt mana kau tinggal dan aku jugak tau sape fmly dan anak-anak ko…”

(In the name of Allah, and the sanctity of the Islamic struggle in Malaysia, if you want to lose your head like in Syria, continue with your stupid work. I will decapitate you, record it and spread it on You Tube. I know who you are, I know where you live and I know your family and children).

Our comment

It has been well-established that the organisers of the Red Shirts, who exist to counter Bersih are supported by Najib.

The sole message of the Red Shirts is unquestioning loyalty to Najib.

Now that they have adopted increasingly violent and aggressive tactics, resorted to direct racism and religious bigotry and started to cite support from IS in their attacks against Bersih organisers, Najib must publicly refute their behaviour.

Otherwise, what has long been suspected, which is that the Prime Minister is seeking to encourage extremism in return for militant support will be confirmed.

Speakers Ought Speak For Parliament

Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia today said questions related to the United States Department of Justice’s (DoJ) civil complaint on 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) should not be answered in the present sitting as it is tantamount to subjudice.

He said the issue is still a court matter and therefore, the minister involved (Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak) should not answer related questions.

Pandikar said he would instead give a written explanation on his decision today to those who had submitted questions on DoJ’s civil complaint. “I have made my decision, unless there is a private motion (on the issue). “I did not make the decision in haste, but it was made after taking into account the legal implications on the country involved. “Whatever decision made in this sitting will also be known by those in other countries due the advancement of information technology,” he said.

His decision however, was questioned by Lim Kit Siang (DAP-Gelang Patah) and Gobind Singh Deo (DAP-Puchong), who claimed that the proceedings were not in Malaysia and Pandikar’s controversial ruling would set a precedent to similar cases in the future.

In his firm response, Pandikar said both DAP members of parliament should first read the written answer before making any allegations against him. “We do not want to create a negative perception before the time comes for the minister involved to answer the questions,” he said.

Our comment

One assumes that the holder of the august office of Speaker cannot be ignorant or that at least his advisors cannot be so.

Therefore, one can only lament that he is exploiting ignorance in others and cultivating the dissemination of false information about the law.

Sub-judice rulings exist to prevent the influencing of juries in criminal cases. As Malaysian Government officials have repeatedly said, so far the 1MDB case in America is not a criminal case.

Furthermore, although the vast majority of Malaysians rightfully believe there ought to be a case under way in Malaysia relating to this matter, there is not.  So, it is not sub-judice on those grounds either.

So, sadly the Speaker is talking nonsense and it is plain it is in order to slap silence on a subject that ought to be of primary importance in Parliament and which the Prime Minister ought to answer to.

The reason for his behaviour is obvious. In real Parliamentary democracies the Speaker is chosen by MPs to represent them and ensure fair play.

In Malaysia the Speaker is appointed by none other than the Prime Minister himself, to represent him and to shut up anybody causing difficulties to him by doing their job in representing the people in Parliament.

By silencing Parliamentarians on the subject of primary importance of the day the Speaker is indulging in Activities Detrimental to Democracy, which is the charge Najib has laid against this blog for exposing his own criminal thefts.

Malaysia Becomes A World Haven For Fugitives From Justice!

According to The Times of India, the court yesterday said the arrests warrants were necessary because Malaysia had not provided assistance over the past two years.

“They (Marshall and Krishnan) could not be served with the summons through the normal course by resorting to mutual legal assistance treaty between the two countries.

“Malaysian authorities have categorically declined to effect the service. In such a situation, the only way left is to approach the Interpol and for that issue of warrant is necessary…

“In such a situation when further issuance of summons would be a futile exercise, it is rightful for the prosecution to ask for warrant of arrest against the accused,” the court was reported saying.

In 2014, India’s Central Bureau of Investigation filed charges against the duo and South Indian politician and former Indian telecommunications minister Dayanidhi Maran over alleged corruption to help the Maxis group take control of an Indian mobile phone carrier in 2006.

Our comment

The frustration of the Indians is mirrored by that of the Swiss and United States and all other countries trying to bring to book criminals who have stolen billions from the Malaysian public.

This key crony Krishnan also played a pivotal role in 1MDB, of course, since he sold his power plants at what is agreed was a highly inflated price to the so-called ‘development fund’ in 2012 (part of the Abu Dhabi /Aabar Phase of 1MDB thefts, as described by the US Dept of Justice).

So, with Najib in charge it seems that Malaysia is to become known as a haven for international fugitives from justice – the sort of dubious honour generally reserved for tinpot republics willing to do anything to scrape a few bucks…. which is apparently the status towards which Najib is heading his once proud nation.

Scandalising The Courts

The document states that Apandi is seeking to commit Lim to jail for contempt of court for issuing statements through social and/or print media that he knows or should have known would threaten the administration of justice, undermine public confidence in the judiciary, and insult the dignity and integrity of Malaysian courts.

He is seeking for Lim to pay the costs incurred by the committal proceedings, and any other reliefs deemed fit by the court.

“(This is) to ensure that any action that belittles the court, its judges, and the administration of justice should not be let off easily.

“The public’s trust in the judicial system in Malaysia should be defended, especially when it comes to cases that are still pending in court,” the document read.

It added that the attorney-general has to duty to protect public interest and to ensure that the judiciary and the administration of justice in Malaysia is protected and not ridiculed, insulted, or belittled easily, to the point where there is doubt on whether cases are being adjudicated with fairness and justice.

Our comment

Abuse and interference with the administration of the law is a hallmark of dictatorship.

It is Apandi who has scandalised the courts, not only by his very appointment, which was unconstitutional (Najib has no authority to sack the previous AG) but also by daily abusing the law he is pledged to uphold to support his political boss.

Thus we have an insane situation where the AG refuses to proceed against one politician against, who faces irrefutable evidence that he stole billions from the public and their pension funds and spent it on a billionaire lifestyle, whilst going after another on spurious and subjective allegations that he may have bought his modest house slightly below market price.

The first was the Prime Minister and the second, surprise surprise, is the next opposition leader that Prime Minister wants in jail. So, when that opposition leader makes an understandable protest against such politically motivated abuses Apandi and his boss seek to abuse the law even further by saying that it is Guan Eng who has brought Malaysia and its courts into disrepute and to jail him for it.

No, it is Mr Apandi and his boss the PM who have done that squarely in the eyes of the world.  Of all his disservices to his country it is the perversion of the courts and this habitual abuse of the law to pursue hia corrupt and dictatorial agenda that condemns Najib most.

It Is Mr Tiong Of Rimbunan Hijau Who Is Rich

PNG’s largest logging company and multi-sector business group is telling rural communities that human rights and sustainable business principles impede rural development and should be ignored if people want to get rich.

This is the message Rimbunan Hijau and its consultant Kanawi Pouru, have been delivering to people in the Pomio District of East New Britain Province who are questioning the company’s logging and oil palm operations. Kanawi Pouru is the Former Managing Director of the PNG Forestry Authority.

Speaking to local people at the Talo Club in Malakur Village last month, Kanawi told them the United Nation’s Declaration on Human Rights and the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Principles and Criteria are anti-development mechanisms setup by rich and wealthy Europeans to suppress people in rural communities in Papua New Guinea who want to change their life style and alleviate poverty through commercial exploitation of their vast natural resources.

Kanawi and Mok, a representative of RH subsidiary Gilford Ltd, bluntly told people at Malakur Village that unless they allowed their land to be converted into oil palm plantations they will remain in poverty. Kanawi also accused NGOs of misleading “ignorant rural communities” and suppressing their rights to advance economically.

Our comment

It is Mr Tiong of Rimbunan Hijau who is fantastically rich, not his ‘wealthy European’ critics.

All the native people who have handed over their valuable timber rights to Mr Tiong (willingly or unwillingly) have ended up even poorer than they were before.

Mr Tiong pays good money to the likes of Kanawi Pouru (Former Managing Director of the PNG Forestry Authority) to gain his influence, but only peanuts to vulnerable landowners.

For them it is not development but disinheritance and disaster.

Tiong accuses those ‘Westerners’ eg NGOs, who criticise his activities, for being ‘rich’, when in fact they are merely EDUCATED – so they know a Tiong when they see a Tiong.

They understand that not only is this jungle leech sucking the life from the local people, but he is also sucking the life from the human habitat and destroying great sections of our planet.

The ICC have in past days indicated they are going to put major land-grab criminals into their sights. So, if Tiong pursues this devious destruction in Papua it should put Malaysia’s mega-land-grab criminal at the top of the list for prosecution.

Why he should think he needs even further riches, at the expense of the beauty of our planet and the welfare of our weakest fellow human beings, is a conversation to be had between himself and his psychiatrist, but does it not mitigate his sins (aka crimes).

Jesus Christ, whom Tiong professes to be faithful to, had many warnings for hypocrites like him. He will be last. The people from Papua come first… and may purgatory take some time.