No Shame

Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today announced RM250,000 in allocation for the Royal Malaysian Police’s General Operations Force (PGA), Kuching camp, a day before its members are set to cast their votes in advance voting…

Zahid said he would also consider inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar’s request for an allowance hike for his men, but indicated he would like to first see how they will vote.

“The inspector-general of police whispers to me at every meeting, asking ‘what about the allowances of men’.

“Ladies and gentleman, prove it to me. I have said and I delivered….

“I take care of my men in ensuring that they are promoted but before that, prove it to me first.

“If the evidence embarrasses me, then it is difficult for me to make the request to the prime minister,” he said…

Noting that tomorrow was an “important day”, Zahid urged PGA members present not to forget him and to “help” him.

He stressed that he was not campaigning for the election but then knowingly beckons Sim forward.

“I am not campaigning here… what I am doing is for the welfare of my men.

“I am not campaigning, but I want Sim to come forward a little, raise your hand a little,” he said to loud applause from the floor.

Our comment

Never has anyone succeeded as well as Zahid in condemning himself by his own words.

This jumped up deputy is well known to be waiting for the right moment to stab his beleaguered boss in the back and take the job, whilst pretending to be so loyal.

By such public displays he has shown himself a very fitting successor to Najib, should Malaysia wish to remain a tin-pot, criminal state.

The rest of Malaysia should have no time for him.  There are better prospects.


YOU Are The Foreigner Najib!

Najib said foreign interference could lead Malaysia into a chaotic situation as had happened to several Arab countries.

“We should not invite foreigners to interfere in our affairs. Let the internal affairs of the country be decided by the people themselves,” he said yesterday at a meet-the-people session in Matu, 67km from here.

Najib remarked that, surprisingly, a statesman who had once led Malaysia and who had prevented or denied foreign interference during his tenure has now called for foreign intervention.

He urged the people of Sarawak to shun any form of interference from outside by showing their support for Barisan Nasional. He said the people of Sarawak are duty-bound to decide their own future and decide how the state can become a developed and progressive state.

Our comment

Flying ostentatiously around in helicopters at the expense of the people of Sarawak, Najib should realise that to them it is HE who is the bloody foreigner!

Why does he think the Sarawak for Sarawakians movement has the approval of approximately 80% of the population?

It is because he and BN have acted like a foreign power in their state, sucking out their resources and throwing beer and noodles back at them during election time.

They show no respect for the Dayak nor their culture nor religion and they publicly demand that a minority Malay must always control the leadership.

As for the on-off Borneo Highway, Najib has given the entire project to his pal Mr Bustari, ensuring it will become just another 1MDB-style operation, where his cronies can suck most of the billions away into Najib’s pockets and their own.

BN could not build a decent road to save their lives – it is simply impossible when every project they commission is prioritised around graft and not delivery.

It's Not About Obeying The Government!

Umno supreme council Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz has hailed the withdrawal of police escort for former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad, saying it should have been done long ago.

Nazri, who is also tourism minister, said this is because Mahathir has been using police outriders to escort him to anti-government functions.

“He brought it upon himself. I don’t think he should get escorts as he is bashing the government that is providing him this privilege.

“It (the withdrawal) should have been done long ago,” he told journalists after visiting Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampung Buntal in Kuching today.

Nazri added the government had provided police escorts to Mahathir for his safety but the former premier instead chose to put himself in danger.

The withdrawal of Mahathir’s escort, effective April 28, was first revealed by veteran newsman A Kadir Jasin.

Our comment

This is the self-same Mr Nazri who accepted a massive Hummer from Sabah’s convicted timber crook, Michael Chia, for his thuggish son to ride around KL with his own bodyguards inside.

After all, Nazri played a crucial ministerial role in keeping the heat off Chia’s money-laundering boss, Musa Aman, for whom he ran a raft of off-shore companies transferring timber kickbacks to Musa’s Swiss bank accounts at UBS.

Definitely worth a car and more for Mr Nasri!

As for Dr Mahathir’s escort. Most former political leaders retain protection and drivers to maintain security – and possibly also as a token of respect.

But, Mr Nazri clearly feels no need to show respect.

He is happy to be cheeky to his elders and ignore the protocols – and even to claim that Malaysia’s longest-serving former leader ought be denied his basic right to freedom of speech, if he criticises criminal behaviour and graft of the kind being indulged in on world record levels by Mr Nazri and his gang.

In Any Other Country Zahid Would Not Have Lasted An Hour After That Remark

DAP candidate for Senadin Baru Langub has accused Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi of possible bribery after the latter offered a school in his constituency RM500,000, only if BN wins.

“Ahmad Zahid’s obvious use of national resources to offer an exchange with voters raises suspicion of bribery,” he said in a statement today. He also questioned if Ahmad Zahid had violated the Election Offences Act 1954.

Yesterday, Ahmad Zahid who was in Miri announced an allocation of RM1 million for two schools within the constituency of Pujut. However, he said another school within the Senadin constituency would get RM500,000 if BN wins the constituency.

In his speech last night, Ahmad Zahid also denied his pledge had anything to do with the election.

“Maybe the other side will accuse me of all sorts of things but we want assemblypersons who can get allocations and they must come from BN,” he said.

Our comment

It is a sad sad reflection of the collapse of morals in Malaysia that a Deputy Prime Minister can make such a blatant and illegal bribe, using public money against the people in this way.

Even worse, having committed such a faux pas he seeks to defend himself.

In any other democratic country he would not have lasted even one hour after this odious abuse of children’s right to education – his party would have thrown him overboard to mitigate the toxic reprisals from a shocked press and public.

But, Zahid’s boss is a guy who openly does the same and whose slogan is “if you help me I help you” prior to offering RM500 ringgit per longhouse door.

Malaysia is the only “democracy” in the world where the same party has held power for nearly 60 years. Which confirms that there is in fact no democracy and no rule of law in this corrupted state.

BN treat Sarawakians as though they are primitive “Aboriginals” whose freedoms can be palmed off with a few bribes and beers. If they allow them to get away with it BN will suck them dry and then leave them for dead.

Why Believe Najib?

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has blasted the opposition for telling Sarawak voters that Putrajaya will increase the Goods and Services Tax (GST) if BN wins in the state election, describing it as “malicious propaganda”.

“I was in Sarawak in these few days to campaign. I heard rumours that the government will be increasing the GST rate after the Sarawak state election.

“I urge the people of Sarawak not to be trapped by the slander and lies of the opposition which has run out of political capital,” he said in a blog posting today.

Najib, who is also Finance Minister, reiterated that his government had no plans to increase the GST rate for now.

He said the rate will be maintained at six percent…..

Sarawak DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen had previously speculated that the GST rate may increase if BN is given a strong mandate.

Our comment

Anyone would have imagined that it was not Najib himself who introduced GST and who is now using it to get his government out of a major financial mess.

So, why so outraged that people fear he may well put it up further to cover all the debts created as a result of the stolen billions from 1MDB?

Some of those stolen billions are this very moment being lavished on election bribes and parties in Sarawak, when an honest government would have used the public’s money wisely.

Najib has been proven to have lied and lied and lied again about the money stolen form 1MDB. So, what right has he to become outraged at a prediction that he is not to be trusted on this matter once he has grabbed another ‘victory’ in Sarawak?

How About The Real Issues?

Prime Minister’s press secretary Datuk Seri Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad today lambasted The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and Sarawak Report (SR) for what he described as a ‘vindictive campaign’ against Malaysia. He said it was a disgrace that the good name of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong‎ Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah has been dragged into the foreign media’s attacks on Malaysia. ‎

In a statement today, Tengku Sariffuddin said the deceitful reporting on important national events by the WSJ and ‎Sarawak Report showed that they ‎had no respect for the country, its sovereignty or its monarchy. ‎ “For over a month, these publications maliciously reported that the Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Najib Razak) had appointed his supposed “1MDB-linked ally” Tan Sri Irwan Serigar Abdullah to be the new Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia, despite the fact that no decision had been made,” he said.

He said their lie was exposed when Datuk Muhammad Ibrahim was appointed as Governor this week. “To cover up their lie and international embarrassment, the WSJ and SR then reported that this was a “U-turn” by the Prime Minister following pressure. Also, it was fictitiously claimed that His Majesty had previously signed the appointment of Tan Sri Irwan, and was persuaded to change the nomination, and was angry about this matter. Both His Majesty and Tan Sri Irwan have now publicly stated that this is false,” he said.

Our comment

As a matter of fact Sarawak Report did not report at all, let alone “for months” that the 1MDB Board Member, Irwan Serigar, was to be appointed Governor.

[Paul Stadlen, since you wrote the release, how about providing a single example of Sarawak Report having written about WSJ’s scoop before the appointment of the Governor? – you can’t because we didn’t]

We merely busted the silly spin after the planned appointment was changed.

Yet the obsession with this trivial matter continues, as the PM’s desperate spokespeople appear to think this is a point to score.  Today both the PM’s office and 1MDB no less have both jumped up and down on exclaiming shock and horror about the reporting of their changed appointment, embarrassing their non-appointed Treasury Secretary in the process.

No one believes them, because they have yet to tell the truth about anything else related to this entire affair.

But, far more to the point, why has Malaysia still not heard a word from these self-same officials on the crucially important subject of what the Finance Minister plans to do about the impending disaster over the US$6 billion cross default at 1MDB?!

Voice Of Bernama!

The disappointment over the lack of change in the constituency of Ba’kelalan is as widespread as it is palpable.

Perhaps sensing it, incumbent Baru Bian, the Sarawak PKR chief, is appealing to the religious sentiment of the evangelical Christians who make up 90 percent of the 7,375 registered voters.

The 58-year-old lawyer presents himself as “fair, clean and God-fearing” while telling the deeply religious Lun Bawang community of his efforts to settle native customary rights land issues.

But the people do not seem to be impressed. Whatever his good intentions and however hard he has worked, he has not delivered on his promises, according to the locals who yearn for development in their area.

In 2011, the controversy over the seizure of bibles using the word ‘Allah’ helped Bian to beat his 43-year-old nephew Willie Liau of BN by 473 votes.

There is no controversy this time, and Liau, also a lawyer, is driving home the point that you have to be with the government to get things done.

Our comment

So who has authored this piece of ‘objective reporting’?

Ah, the government news agency Bernama!  That makes sense.

The inhabitants of Ba’kelalan can vote for whom they like, whatever the objective news agency writer finds “palpable”.

But, they ought to bear in mind that years of being run directly by BN did them no good at all and that if BN continue to run the state then things will continue as before.

What possible reason could there be to imagine otherwise?

Naked Abuse Of Power By BN Bully Francis Harden

Two teachers have lodged police reports after receiving warning letters from the Education Department not to get involved in helping the opposition to campaign in this election.

One of them told the media that the unfair accusation made by the department was based on a complaint letter that the department received from Assistant Minister for Rural Development and Housing Datuk Francis Harden.

The complaint letter dated Apr 14 bears SUPP letterhead and was signed by Harden.

The letter stated that the two teachers had been involved in assisting the opposition in political activities and called on the department to transfer them elsewhere.

The teacher who produced both letters as evidence said that the complaint letter had tarnished his image and would affect the department’s evaluation on him.

The teacher believed that apart from him, three other teachers were suffering the same fate and had confronted Harden.

He said in the letter, Harden had requested the department to take immediate action and transfer the teacher from the area before polling day on May 7.

Our comment

Is this the self-same Harden whose personal secretary was caught stealing the disability pensions of his constituents?

The worst part of that particular shocking story is that when it was all brought into the open, Harden tried to shut the victim up by paying him back just HALF of the money he was owed!

The question, therefore, is not why are right minded teachers in his constituency supporting the opposition (which is entirely within their democratic rights), but why is Harden showing the brass neck to stand again?

The reason, of course, is that BN plan to bribe, bully and gerrymander another ‘victory’ in the state by using exactly the same tactics that Harden is now employing.

The term is ‘criminal abuse of power’ and it is a very, very, very serious crime, which will eventually come back to haunt all perpetrators of it.

More Silly Spin

The appointment of Muhammad Ibrahim as the new Bank Negara Malaysia governor has once again exposed The Wall Street Journal‘s “lies and total disregard for facts” in its reporting on Malaysia, charged Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s press aide.

“WSJ reported as fact multiple times, including by Ken Brown on April 20 and Tom Wright on March 11, that the prime minister appointed Irwan Serigar Abdullah to be the new governor and that he was linked to 1MDB.

“This was despite no announcement having been made, and based on anonymous sources,” added Tengku Sharifuddin Tengku Ahmad in a media statement.

He pointed out that Putrajaya had today named current deputy governor Muhammad Ibrahim as the new governor to replace Zeti Akthar Aziz, who has retired.

Muhmammad Ibrahim would assume his duties starting May 1.

Our comment

How much immense effort Najib and his PR folk have to put into scoring such trivial points!

There is a reason this appointment was delayed to the 59th minute of the 11th hour in the middle of a major financial crisis, which was that the Agong had signed off the 1MDB Advisory Board member Irwan Serigar Abdullah and was entitled to refuse to change his position.

Once the WSJ had pre-empted the scandalous appointment it took all Najib’s energy to get the nomination changed by a rightly angry Agong – just so he could point-score that the WSJ had been ‘proved wrong’.

Insiders in Putrajaya have been laughing at the matter for weeks and the desperate PM has achieved nothing from the stunt, which like the earlier Saudi minister event, is like tossing pins at a rolling tank of justice that is bearing down upon their heads.

Blame The Opposition For Government Crimes!

A BN direct candidate has given a different twist to the 1MDB scandal – he put the blame squarely on the opposition.

Dudong candidate Tiong Thai King said fiascos such as the 1MDB came about because the opposition had shirked its duty in monitoring the government.

The opposition had neglected its duty, he said in an interview with China Press today.

The opposition has become irrelevant as it was unable to play up its role effectively, Tiong added.

“They (the opposition) have failed to monitor the government and prevent all these things from happening.

“If they have failed in their job, why should we continue to vote for them?” he asked.

As such, Tiong urged the voters to support the Sarawak BN so that it would have a bigger mandate to build the state.

Tiong was formerly with United People’s Party (UPP) but quit the party to stand as BN direct candidate this time.

He was defeated by DAP candidate Yap Hoi Liong by 317 votes in the 2011 state polls, and is facing Yap for the second time in a five-cornered fight.

He was the MP for Lanang from 1996 to 2013, and is also the brother of Ribunan Hijau Group founder and billionaire Tiong Hiew King.

Our comment

Wow! this one takes the biscuit, as the saying goes.

Tiong is the teacher who blames his class, the thug who blames his victim and the thief who blames his target all rolled into one.

BN has for over a year abused their powers relentlessly, in order to persecute anyone who has tried to raise concerns over 1MDB. Indeed this writer has been issued with a warrant for arrest and the Malaysian IGP has been badgering INTERPOL (unsuccessfully) to raise a terrorist alert against her for exposing corruption at the fund.

DAP spokesman Tony Pua, who has striven with all his might to alert BN politicians to this situation, has had his passport illegally removed so that he cannot travel for his pains. Dozens of civil rights campaigners have been slammed with shocking charges of ‘sedition’ and other trumped up crimes, whilst the people themselves have been banned from exercising their right to protest or even Tweet about the problem online.

Meanwhile, Tiong and his cronies have continued their criminal activities in Sarawak, bribing for logging contracts, lying over profits and exporting their dirty business practices to places like Papua New Guinea, where his family firm has caused international outrage over human rights abuses (similar to those they got away with in Sarawak).

Tiong and his cronies have moreover made known their full support for Najib, who is now the one man in Malaysia, who still refuses to admit there is a problem with 1MDB.

Of course, this arch criminal in government therefore blames everybody he has been responsible to for the now public failings over 1MDB. Imagine if he started to take responsibility for any of what he and his family of tycoons have done!