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There Was Always Someone Who Would Try This Ridiculous Spin!

Saudi Arabian King Salman Abdul Aziz Al Saud’s visit to Malaysia has put to rest the opposition’s slander regarding the RM2.6 billion donation for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

“Previously, there was a leader who said that even a mad Arab would not give such a colossal sum. But the presence of King Salman is sufficient to prove Najib was telling the truth that the RM2.6 billion was a donation from the Saudi royal family.

“I am certain the donation was given based on Najib’s efforts and achievements in upholding Islam in Malaysia and globally,” academic Hanafiah Harun told Umno Online.

The associate professor at UiTM said if it was true that Najib had slandered the Saudi royal family to cover up his wrongdoings, King Salman would not have set foot in Malaysia.

The royal family, he pointed out, would not have been silent on the matter either.

“So it is clear that all the issues which emerged regarding the RM2.6 billion were cooked up by outsiders, which the opposition in Malaysia disseminated to soil Najib’s credibility,” he added.

Hanafiah said the opposition continued to harp on the matter despite the prime minister having repeatedly explained it.

Our comment

Unfortunately for Najib, no one can seriously believe this anymore, so he should quit trying to pretend these various huge sums were ‘gifts’ (illegal in themselves).

Why has this toady academic failed to mention the brave Malaysian soldiers, who are presently in Saudi Arabia helping fight its wars?

What thought does this flunky give for the axiety of their families back home?

This was the reason for the Saudi King’s visit and let us hope that Najib’s efforts to suck up to the Middle East does not lose Malaysian lives.

Meanwhile his statement “the presence of King Salman is sufficient to prove Najib was telling the truth” of course lacks logic or explanation.

When other leaders visit Malaysia it is not because they gave Najib a billion dollars and when he visits other countries it is not because he gave the leader a billion dollars.

Unfortunately for Najib, this is one of the world’s biggest corrruption cases, so yes, not only will the opposition continue harping on about it, but so will global law enforcers who are busy closing in on the RM2.6 bn …. and indeed all the additional payments that have now been identified going into Najib’s accounts from SRC, Blackstone Asia (BVI) etc….

Thin Skin Does Not Engender Respect

A 19-year-old labourer convicted on 14 counts of insulting the Johor crown prince last year has failed to reduce his two years detention sentence at the Henry Gurney correctional institute in Malacca.

The Court of Appeal today unanimously dismissed Muhammad Amirul Azwan Mohd Shakri’s appeal. The teenager from Tumpat, Kelantan had already spent four months at the institute and another three months in jail.

Justice Mohd Zawawi Mohd Salleh, who led the panel dismissed the appeal brought by lawyer Hassan Karim, to have his sentence remitted to a bond of good behaviour or that his parents pay a personal bond for good behaviour.

“We are unanimous and think that the High Court is lenient and right in changing his sentence from jail to spending time at the institute. The appeal is dismissed,” said the judge.

Our comment

A TV comedy series in the UK called Spitting Image was very popular in the 90s. Mostly it poked fun at the Royal Family, sometimes in a very harsh way.

The Royal Family did not respond. In fact, their institution has come out all the strnger for showing patience and forebearing in the face of cheap and childish insults.  It is hugely popular, although people discuss its weaknessses.

To slam a nobody boy in jail for two years, by contrast, for some kind of written insult, smacks of thin skinned, defensive arrogance on the part of a family born by chance into a position of prvilege.

Of course it is not they but toadying judges and officials who are behind this, but they are doing no long term favours to the family they are trying to suck up to.

Excessive deference to monarchs is nearly always a mask for the real power mongers who hide behind them.  Traditionally European kings would keep their ‘fools’ to crack jokes and chide them and remind the court that a king too is only human.


Has Najib Gone Mad?

A string of graft charges against civil servants is a reminder that those in government must not take away what rightfully belongs to the people, said Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

Speaking at the Prime Minister’s Department monthly assembly in Putrajaya today, Najib said the cases highlighted wastage by officials which would reduce public confidence in the government.

“What the MACC has done this past few days reminds us about wastage. About taking away the rights of the rakyat.

“Don’t take away the rights of the rakyat. It belongs to them.”


Our comment

Is Najib now utterly self-deluded or is he cynically correct that Malaysians will lick the boots of the man who lashes them?

He believes he can steal their money; toss them some back to gain their votes and then punish and preach at others, who try to follow his example on a smaller scale.

Perhaps Najib does not understand the anger of people treated in this way?

His opinion of his countrymen must be very, very low.  However, he should watch it, because these sentiments tend to be mutual.

So What About The US$1 Billion??!!!!

About 20 of 50,000 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) registered with the Registrar of Societies (ROS) have been investigated, since November, for allegedly receiving funds from individuals and organisations abroad.

Deputy Home Affairs Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed expects more NGOs to come under the microscope, since the police have no plans to put a halt to this investigation.

“The probe needs to be done to ensure that NGOs do not become a front for certain parties that plan to undermine democracy because many countries in the West and Asia may also have been toppled by outsiders using the NGOs,” Nur Jazlan told reporters after launching the search for Ikon Muslimah Johor 2016 in Johor Bahru today.

The NGOs probed includes Bersih, whose chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah has been accused of using funds received from Open Society Foundations (OSF) to undermine parliamentary democracy in Malaysia.

News reports said OSF, chaired by George Soros, not only channelled funds to Bersih but also to other local organisations with the aim to influence the result of general elections.

Our comment

Every single person in Malaysia can only have one reaction to this information that the police are probing pro-democracy NGOs for receiving foreign grants (which are usually minimal amounts to keep the life and limbs of certain activists together whilst they campaign for progress).

Why is it therefore OK for the sitting Prime Minister to personally receive foreign funding to the tune of US$1 billion, which he claims came from a little known Saudi named Prince Saud AbdulAziz Al Saud, for the avowed purpose of helping him win the last election in contravention of legal limits on funding?

Is it OK to break the law to preserve a party which has been in power, whilst it is not OK to support those challenging that law breaking party, who has openly bribed and bought votes?

The only people who might choose to think so are the law-breakers themselves – they should remember they are the SERVANTS of the people and not in charge and they have no right to bend the rules to save themselves whilst using those same rules to persecute others far weaker and poorer than themselves.

Honorary Degree

Student coalition Kesatuan Mahasiswa Malaysia chairperson Anis Syafiqah Md Yusof has been found guilty on three disciplinary offences linked to the Aug 27 “Tangkap Malaysian Official 1” rally in Kuala Lumpur.

The final decision, on whether she would be fined, banned from certain parts of the university, suspended or expelled, would only be made known within the next two weeks, the Universiti Malaya activist said….

“Actually our final exams are in three weeks.

“I am worried I would not be able to sit for it, because we do not know what punishments would be served by the university,” she said in questioning the timing of the decision.

However, the third-year Language and Linguistics student said she did not regret her actions.


Throughout the proceedings, she was accompanied by UM final year law student Marcus Lee, who raised concerns over the hearing process.


Our comment

Anis and Marcus are Malaysia’s student heroes for whom their degrees (awarded or not) pale into insignificance beside their exceptional qualities of bravery and right-mindedness (clearly not shared by the time-servers who have sought to deprive her of the fruits of her studies).

Together they have offered a glimpse of a better future for the next generation, working together for honest, democratic good governance…. towards a country others can safely invest in and work with.

In good time universities will queue up to award Anis an honorary degree (although she seems the type who will insist on sitting the exam anyway) because she has realised that progress cannot be achieved without sacrifice.

She joins a band of remarkable Malaysian women, supported by brave and remarkable Malaysian men.

Don't Throw Stones From Glass Houses

Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed said civil society organisations should not be concerned over police investigation over their funding if they have nothing to hide.

He also rubbished Lawyers for Liberty executive director Eric Paulsen’s claim that the probe on foreign funding recieved by NGOs is part of a “post-Umno annual general meeting witch-hunt”.

Several NGO leaders have been called for questioning as part of police investigations into Bersih for alleged funding from American billionaire George Soros-linked Open Society Foundations.

Nur Jazlan said the investigation on Bersih and its chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah started before the Umno general assembly last week.

“The investigation was about the foreign funding, and now police are investigaing other NGOs for receiving foreign funds.

“The timing of the Bersih rally and Umno meeting were unfortunate – they happened during investigation period – but some people are politicising it,” he told Malaysiakini in text message.

“Have they got something to hide in the way they are funded? If not, why worry? The courts will decide in the end if there is any wrongdoing,” he said.

He reiterated the country subscribed to the principle of “innocent until proven guilty”.

Our comment

UMNO appear not to care how ridiculous they look hurling accusations at others for things they themselves are plainly culpable.

It is UMNO who are hiding the identity of their donor, whom they claim is a “Sheikh”, but whom they refuse to name.

If NGOs must reveal the names of their donors, why not UMNO?

In UMNO’s case it is because the party is lying and the money is actually stolen from the Malaysian people and from pension funds and it has been spent not on good works pursuing democratic principles, but on handbags, bribes and anti-aging treatments.

Nur Jaslan knows this perfectly well and it is why he was booted ‘upstairs’ out of the Public Accounts Committee. Sadly, everyone is now wondering what was his price and why he now seems to care little for the future of his country by helping drag it down to a moronic dictatorship under Najib?

The likes of Nur Jaslan should take matters in hand and boot out the thief (and more) who accuses everyone else of his own crimes.

Street Protest By Najib Shows Hypocrisy All Round

Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak led a protest rally on Sunday against what he called a “genocide” of Myanmar’s Muslim Rohingya minority, as he urged Asian neighbours and the world to step up the pressure to stop the violence.

Najib said the rally at a stadium in Kuala Lumpur would send a strong message to Aung San Suu Kyi’s government that “enough is enough”.

“UN please do something. The world cannot sit by and watch genocide taking place,” Najib said to loud cheers from thousands of Muslims, including Rohingya refugees. “The world cannot say it is not our problem. It is our problem,” he said

Our comment

Is this the same Prime Minister who last year turned away desperate boats of Rohingya refugees away from Malaysia’s shores, leaving them to drown in the rough seas?

Women and children, along with their husbands died.

At the time Sarawak Report questioned how any leader posing as a good Muslim could do such a thing to people persecuted purely for sharing the self-same faith?

But, Najib did do it. And now he tries to score PR points by weeping crocodile tears on their behalf and demanding other countries in the world take in these people, thereby saving him the bother of helping these neighbours of his own religion.

Why Such A Coward Zahid?

Speaking at the closing of the 70th Umno annual general assembly in Kuala Lumpur today, Zahid said he had been tasked by Najib to deal with foreign elements trying to spark a revolution in the country.

He claimed these elements included human rights group Suaram, electoral reform group Bersih, the Bar Council, news portal Malaysiakini and whistle blower portal Sarawak Report.

“The question is, what is the next course of action?

“I would like to announce that the government is forming a task force comprising the police, MACC, Bank Negara and AG’s Chambers to seek out even the smallest of information (about these elements),” he said.

Zahid, in his winding-up speech, urged Umno delegates to honour the police for taking action as the hall erupted in cheers.

Earlier in his speech, Zahid said the organisations he named had received funding from organisations linked to US billionaire George Soros.

Our comment

To his cheering UMNO accessories (today all back decoratively dressed in red) Zahid announced that he has been placed at the head of a Special Task Force by PM Najib to investigate and pursue…… Sarawak Report!

Presumably, this means that sinister fellows will again be sent out from the Embassy in Belgrave Square to lurk around the house of the Editor of this blog and stalk her to coffee shops and the like, trying to peek into her computer and catch her in the subversive activity of telling the truth.

Yet if he is so angry about this airing of the truth, why doesn’t he square up to some bigger fellows, rather than threatening a single female writer or locking up female civil rights champions like Maria or hounding already acquitted film show festival organisers like Lena?

How about taking on the US Dept of Justice and FBI?  How about slanging Singapore’s Monetary Authority and the Swiss Prosecutors? How about ranting away at the numerous international banks, who have now owned up, apologised and paid fines for money laundering, thereby placing Najib and 1MDB’s illegal actions squarely in the frame, despite all their ridiculous denials and phantom donors?

No, bullies are cowards, so he prefers to blame a single woman who caught Najib with his hand bang in the public till – stealing from the mouths of the Rakyat and spending the cash on gaudy bags and diamonds and large size clothing and anti-aging treatment for his domineering wife.

So, Sarawak Report has this reply for Zahid and his followers, all trapped in their UMNO bubble and padded from the realities of the wider world: we know how to deal with bullies; we stand up to them.

Watch this space.

Have Faith And Thou Shalt Receive Also Of The Stolen Dedak

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has done Malaysia proud in the eyes of the Muslim world, which is why the Arabs donated money to the prime minister, said an Umno delegate.

Federal Territories Umno delegate Rizuan Abd Hamid, who was debating the motion on religion and education at the Umno annual general assembly today, pointed out Malaysia is known in the eyes of the world as a leading promoter of the halal industry.

Citing relevant figures, he said the halal industry market is worth US$2.3 trillion and Malaysian products alone are expected to be worth US$41 billion this year.

The International Trade and Industry Ministry earlier this year announced exports of halal products from January to September last year totalled RM31.1 billion.

Thanking Najib for this, Rizuan said Malaysia’s achievements in the area show how great the country is in the eyes of the world.

“Why? Because it is led by Najib as prime minister. Muslims around the world respect our prime minister.

“That’s why the Saudi prince gave money to Najib to be used in the elections. It was not for his own use,” he stressed.

Our comment

So what is this Saudi Royal’s name?

And why has Najib not sued the FBI, which examined all the dollar bank records which have to be cleared through the United States, and concluded the money went from 1MDB’s account to Najib’s in three swift moves?

This is self-serving blind faith by delegates, who know the more they heap public praise on Najib the more of the stolen dedak Rosmah will pay into their pockets.

Each should be aware of the deadly effects of contamination of this dedak – one day they will wish they had resisted the temptation of money they know was stolen from an angry Rakyat.

And Najib ought not to brag to the Arab world, whilst allowing respected figures like the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi to be slandered as a ‘plotter’ by his bloggers for moving to stop the 1MDB thefts.

Why This Unbecoming Talk?

“God willing, we will fight until the death and until the last drop of blood,” Najib told delegates, who had earlier greeted him with enthusiastic applause, signalling their support for his leadership.

“Please realise my (Malay) race, do not falter for a moment as we are facing unprecedented challenges,” he added.

Ruslee Bedol, a delegate from southern Johor state, told AFP that UMNO had already started preparing for a vote and said “we expect elections in the next six months.”

UMNO has dominated multi-cultural Malaysia for decades, enshrining policies that favour the Malay majority.

But the large ethnic Chinese minority and a new generation of other voters have flocked to the opposition in disgust over racial politics and persistent accusations of corruption and democratic abuses.

But since former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was jailed in 2015 on sodomy charges, the political opposition has fractured.

Our comment

Donald Trump was bad enough, but even he did not talk of fighting to the death and spilling blood in a democratic election.

The Malays have nothing to fear if a Malay dominated opposition wins the election – why should they cease to support rural folk?

With some of the people who run Penang largely corruption free these days joining in that progressive team people should further find that the leeching from public funds by greedy UMNO warlords will also stop and there will be more money available.

So, why this desperate talk as if the world would end from Najib? The only people who have anything to fear from UMNO losing power are the thieves and worse, who have been driving the state into bankruptsy and locking up their critics and opposition leaders under Najib.