Nazri Should Learn Some Respect

Umno supreme council member Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said he is closer to DAP than MCA because it is the former that can garner Chinese support.

He said this in response to MCA central committee member Ti Lian Ker, who complained that Nazri appears closer to DAP despite winning in the general election under BN, which was helped by all component parties including MCA.

“I am good with (DAP secretary-general) Lim Guan Eng because I respect democracy as the Chinese community chose Lim Guan Eng and DAP.

“So I have to respect democracy and respect them (DAP). Why would I want to respect Ti when the people reject him.

“I am confident even if he were to contest in the general election, the rakyat will also reject him because the Chinese people truly hate people like him,” Nazri told Malaysiakini.

Our comment

It is fascinating to watch BN’s remaining leading lights condemn themselves by their own tongues and none are better at it than this Nazri.

He has made it clear that he has no ‘respect’ for anybody not above him in life, as he sees it. That includes voters, working people and those who choose to disagree with him in politics.

Instead, he clearly respects the master-theif Najib, whom he and fellow UMNO Supreme Council members ought by duty now to have long since removed from office.

Everyone who seeks to represent their people should be accorded reasonable respect, if they act with honesty and good faith.  Likewise taxi drivers and anyone else earning a decent and honourable living for their families.

It is arrogance, greed, lies and theft that by right loses a man respect and this Nazri fellow has all of the above in spades, by his own admission.

No one cares whom he respects, because nobody has respect for him.

Mr P Balan Should Sue For BIG Damages

Desperate for help and on the verge of becoming homeless, handicapped labourer P Balan has turned to the Malaysian Human Rights Commssion (Suhakam) to resolve his predicament.

The bank had auctioned off his home in February in a purportedly speedy manner, after a freak accident left the welder paralysed waist-down and unable to repay his housing loans.

A metal column had crushed Balan, 37, while he was at work on June 22 last year, damaging his spinal cord and making it impossible for him to continue his job.

Now, he and his two sisters, as well as his sister’s three children, may be thrown out of the house that they are now occupying illegally.

They have already received a legal notice from the new homeowner, telliing them to vacate the premises…

Balan bought the house with a loan of RM115,000 in 2005.  He was unable to service the loan from July 2015 onwards after the accident. He spent seven months in hospital, and for four of those, he was in a coma.

Even though the loan was covered by insurance, it was rejected by insurers due to insufficient medical evidence, and the bank proceeded to auction the property.

The family complained that the bank was unwilling to wait for a complete medical report confirming Balan’s paralysed state, which he only received in June after being discharged in January.

They later learnt that their home was auctioned off at a price of RM150,000.

Our comment

We trust that the big spending Najib and his wife are enjoying the luxuries on their extended foreign tours, as the plight of the likes of Mr Balan are clearly beneath their interest.

Suhakam say they know of 50 others in a similar position who have lost their homes in the same way.

Where are Mr Balan’s employers, who ought to have been helping to solve his problems after this doubtless avoidable accident at work?

What were the medical bureaucrats otherwise doing that they could not sign a form to say he had been paralysed in less than six months?

Who are the disgraceful insurers who refused to respond to such a dreadful tragedy in a speedy and responsible manner, given that this is why people like Mr Balan pay them their fat fees every month?

And which was the bank manager who called in the loan and sold off the house with such callous disregard for the tragic circumstances of the case?

All these people represent what is wrong in Malaysia now under a regime that has become so corrupted that it has created a society where dog eats dog.

With Mr Balan so stricken these people saw only the opportunity for themselves to take his home and make a profit.  All who failed him should be prosecuted and Suhakam is right to take up his case.

So Where Does The Saudi Royal Fit In Mr Dahlan?

The “Malaysian Official 1” named in the US Department of Justice’s (DoJ) civil suit related to 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) refers to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Barisan Nasional strategic communications director Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan confirmed.

Abdul Rahman confirmed this during a recent interview with BBC.

“I’ve said it openly. Obviously if you read the documents, it is the Prime Minister,” BBC quoted him as saying in an article titled Who is Malaysian Official 1? Case Closed, published on its website yesterday.

However, Abdul Rahman, who is also Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, went on to suggest that the reason Najib was not named in the DoJ report was because he was not involved in the investigation.

In a statement, Abdul Rahman said the difference between being named as the subject of a lawsuit and merely being referred to in an investigation, was black and white.

He claimed former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed and his allies were trying to mix the two up.

Our comment

Does Dahlan think Malaysians are dumb?!

The reason the Prime Minister’s actual name was not featured in the law suit was because he is not the registered owner of the assets facing seizure in the United States.

However, if he is indeed Malaysian Official Number One, then the facts of the DOJ indictment show that he is plainly guilty of numerous criminal acts in the jurisdiction of Malaysia!

These include the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars that went into his own account.

Significantly, today was the day by which those named ie Jho Low, Riza Aziz (Najib’s own stepson currently cowering in KL), Khadem Al Qubaisi et al, needed to contest the US indictment if they were going to.

They did not dare.

Instead, those who could get away have become fugitives, whilst the others are arrested in Abu Dhabi, where the government has certainly taken action over these monstrous thefts, unlike in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, since Mr Dahlan was so clearly admitting to the BBC that MO1 is Najib, there are a number of follow up questions he ought to be pressed to answer. The first of these is whether he now therefore accepts that the excuse of an ‘anonymous Saudi Royal’ being the source of the $731 which the DOJ says went from 1MDB to Najib was just a big fat lie on the part of the Prime Minister?

If not, then is he saying that the DOJ was lying, because it is either one or the other?

In which case, how come he is not denouncing the DOJ investigation, not merely trying to distance his boss from it in this very unsuccessful and unconvincing manner?

Locking Up Students In The Durian Republic!

DAP’s Rasah MP Teo Kok Seong, PKR’s Seri Setia assemblyperson Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, six students and an activist gave their statements to police today on the ‘Tangkap MO1′ rally that was held last Saturday.

They arrived at the Dang Wangi police district headquarters about 11am.

Their lawyer Melissa Sasidaran said they were investigated under Section 505 (b) of the Penal Code, which deals with public mischief, and Section 9(5) of the Peaceful Assembly Act for failure to give stakeholders a 10-day notice before holding the rally.

Melissa said the police said the investigations might be extended to include offences under the Sedition Act and Section 124B of the Penal Code, which deals with activities detrimental to parliamentary democracy.

Our comment

Malaysian politicians and bigwigs need to understand that very shortly indeed they will find themselves treated like North Korean or Zimbabwean madmen when they travel anywhere abroad.

Najib already dares not travel outside of South East Asia (maybe they might greet him in Turkey, China, Russia or Turkmenistan – or places in the Middle East that want to put Malaysian soldiers offered by Najib in the front of their battle lines).

The rest of the world knows Malaysia is a place that tolerates their Prime Minister orchestrating the theft of $7billion dollars of BORROWED money, then spending it on fixing an election he would have lost and blowing the rest on diamonds, botox, movies, champagne, yachts, mansions and artwork in the West.

But, when a few students dare to peacefully and democratically exercise their right to protest about this jaw-dropping disgrace, the police come hounding THEM (AFTER the peaceful event has passed without incident) to threaten 20 years in JAIL for ‘sedition’ and “activities detrimental to Parliamentary democracy”.

Meanwhile, the opposition leader is already unjustly jailed and most of the main opposition figures are also being legally persecuted by the bossman Najib, who controls the Federal Court, towards the same fate.

Thanks to Najib, the term ‘Durian Republic’ could soon become a world pejorative term!

Punish The Whipping Boy

The bank chairman arrested by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) yesterday has been named as retired army general Abdul Aziz Zainal.

According to a Bernama report, he will be remanded for seven days from today to assist in the investigation into the misappropriation of funds.

Magistrate Nik Isfahanie Tasnim Wan Ab Rahman allowed the application by the MACC to remand the 65-year-old Tan Sri until Sept 5.

Aziz, who heads the board of government-owned Bank Rakyat, was detained over alleged graft and misuse of power, in a case involving a RM15 million book project and a project to upgrade the bank’s IT system.

Our comment

Some warped logic has told the Prime Minister and his new puppet at the head of the MACC that as long as the public sees certain figures punished for corruption they will be reassured.

So they have been loudly moving against whosoever in recent days.

Possibly, this ex-General was someone Najib didn’t particularly get on with in the days when he was Minister of Defence. But, by moving against him he has reminded all and sundry who was taking all the biggest kickbacks when he himself was Minister of Defence.

Corruption is everywhere on a giant scale these days in Malaysia. This is because corruption is instituted from the top and can only be cleaned out top down.

Najib Threatens To Massacre Chinese Malays in New May 13th

 Sadly the Malaysian government reflects the attitudes of its majority constituents, the Malays. Their patience is legendary. But go too far and not even social media will save those irresponsible users of social media space from the wrath of an angry provoked section of the population pushed against their limits. The current generation of young Malaysians has little or no memories of May 13 and what it is that provoked that violent backlash.

It made my flesh crawl when I saw a video shot of a group of Chinese youth at the last Bersih rally symbolically with a broom in hand sweeping the Malays (an effigy of the Prime Minister Najib Razak) in a repeat of a gesture not too dissimilar to that which the Chinese used to spark May 13 in 1969. To that I say, those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

Our comment

Najib Razak’s propaganda teams are more easily recognised than ever these days.  They are the ones saying black is white and complaining that media outlets not directly controlled by the Prime Minister are ‘abused’.

Top of the Pops in this department is a suddenly promoted former nonentity, one Quintin Rosario from Brisbane and the online platform ‘Malaysia Today’ run by Najib blogger RPK.

So, when you have Quinton quoted by ‘RPK’ warning Chinese Malaysians with the vicious and sinister threat that the ‘ever patient’ Malays will soon be ‘provoked’ into another ‘May 13th’ massacre against them, owing to criticism of Najib, everyone knows what is going on.

Yet Najib has thrown himself and the ‘ever patient Malays’ at the mercy of Asia’s super-power China both financially and politically in response to his own corruption crisis, thereby undermining Malaysia’s economic and political independence.

How does he imagine his powerful new patrons are going to react to these dirty threats against Chinese communities, so many of whom lost their lives when his own father presided over the ghastly massacre which he dares to mention as a weapon in this way to frighten people with?

Najib Wants To Retire On His Own Terms.....

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said he will not disturb the leadership style of his successor especially by issuing various criticism openly after his retirement.

He said that every prime minister would take the nation to a certain level and the subsequent premier would take the country to a better level.

“I have a philosophy, I will retire and will not interfere with my successor when the time comes for me to go (as prime minister) later.

“My successor will do better than when I was helming the nation. That is continuity in any struggle,” he said in a question and answer session in the programme ’60 Minutes With the Prime Minister’ together with 350 male and female undergraduates from local and foreign universities and representatives of youth organisations at Seri Perdana in Putrajaya today.

The prime minister said this when asked whether he felt comfortable when compared to the previous leaders.

He said that upon his retirement, he wished to do a lot of things that he could not do when he was the leader including playing football, writing books and visiting countries that he had never been to.

Our comment

Unlike normal mortals the Prime Minister believes he can control his future.

He says he will not criticise his successor… but maybe his successor will be someone he has already criticised in the past.

It is not for him to say, because all of us have to accept that we are but temporarily in our positions on earth to enjoy the fruits of our situation.

As for football, travelling and the like…. well these would be unlikely were justice to catch up with him.  Because, all Malaysia now knows that the rightful place for him is jail.

Furthermore, we note that reading and writing (something he plans to do a lot of when he is ‘retired’) have been restricted by Najib himself in the case of political opponents he has put in jail for trumped up crimes. So, why does he assume that he will be able to indulge in such past times, which he denied to others, were he to be locked up for his genuine crimes?

Najib should act less complacent, like the rest of us.  But, at least he is thinking about retirement!

Why Are You Shaking Your Fist Yunis?

The upcoming Himpunan Merah rally will feature some 40 percent Chinese Malaysian participation, pledge rally organiser Jamal Mohd Yunus.

The Umno Sungai Besar division leader conceded that group’s previous rally in September last year attracted a Malay-only crowd, but said this issue has been addressed.

“The difference with the rally this time around is that we have an understanding between Malays, Chinese, and Indians, and this time we will come together, unlike before…

“I have discussed this for nearly two weeks, so there won’t be any problems and I am confident that if the rally is to go ahead, 40 percent of the participants would be Chinese.

“We have discussed; we have prepared. We are serious in this matter and not just fooling around,” he told reporters today.

As of noon today, he claimed, some 58,000 people have pledged support to the Himpunan Merah movement, along with nearly 600 NGOs nationwide.

He added that 50,000 Himpunan Merah t-shirts, have already been printed, 5,000 of which will begin distribution today at RM10 each. A nationwide roadshow will also be held to promote its cause.

Our comment

Red Shirt symbolism is all about anger and aggression – they have adopted the colour of blood and on the T Shirts have appeared racist pictures of slaughter and mayhem.

Leadership types like Yunis tend to be photographed raising their fists and shouting, teeth bared.

Quite an act for a bunch of chaps who are funded by Najib.

But, all in all their rallying cry sucks.  They are there to attack those who are calling for clean elections!  They are shouting at and intimidating people who are merely asking for corruption to be cleared!

Does this mean they are in favour of dirty elections and corruption?

Red Shirts claim that in democracies people must accept the results of dirty elections and have no right to exercise their right to protest or express their opinions openly.  So, it is Yunis who needs to learn about the basics of the democratic process, which have so far plainly escaped his limited understanding.

Indeed these paid up protestors are so ridiculous and unpleasant that they do not deserve to be reported, except to inform about the sorts of thugs that Najib is willing to sponsor, in order to disrupt the democratic right of people to call for an end to corrupt and lawless government.

UMNO Are Turning Malaysia Into A Rogue State

Umno supreme council member Mahdzir Khalid said stern action should be taken against Malaysians who leaked information to outside parties.

Mahdzir, who is Education Minister, said their act could invite foreign intervention into the country’s affairs and as such, they should be punished for tarnishing the country’s image.

“We do not want outside parties to interfere in the country’s affairs, if they do, and we leak information, it would destroy the nation.

“We are talking about the country’s sovereignty, nationhood, something which cannot be given up to others.

“We should seek (those who leaked information) and punish them,” he said when met by reporters after officially opening the Maran Umno delegates meeting today.

Also present was Deputy Human Resource Minister Ismail Abdul Muttalib, who is the Maran Umno divisional leader.

Mahdzir said Malaysia, as a democratic and sovereign country, did not need foreign intervention to determine its leaders and how it should be administered.

“It is a question of honour, of the country and leadership, the prime minister (Najib Abdul Razak) was elected by the people through a legitimate process, the general election, so as Malaysians we must have the solidarity and strength to support our prime minister,” he added.

Our comment

UMNO’s desperate talk is taking a sinister turn.

Instead of sacking their PM who has been caught stealing billions from the people and then blatantly lying about it, they are seeking out whistleblowers to ‘punish them’ for leaking the information.

Mr Muttalib is blaming those whistleblowers for ‘tarnishing the country’s image’ rather than the high level thieves who actually stole the money and then spent it in an orgy of embarrassing excess in nightclubs the world over.

In the process he is squaring little Malaysia up against countries like the United States, whom he accuses of ‘interfering’ in his sovereign country by revealing his boss’s dirty secrets and impounding stolen assets.

In fact, it wasn’t local whistleblowers who shopped Najib, it was Jho Low’s behaviour that gave the game away. Later shocked foreigners  tipped off the DOJ that the outrageous sums being spent round Vegas and Hollywood had been stolen.

That is against US law, so Malaysian political thieves should heed their own words and not interfere in the US by breaking their national laws against money-laundering.

Indeed, the more that these UMNO side-kicks stick up for Najib the more the rest of the country, their followers and the rest of the world realise they must be as dirty and compromised as he is.

Any ‘honourable’ party would have asked such a tainted leader to step aside for the sake of the country. Instead UMNO are adopting a bunker mentality and accusing the rest of the world of ‘interfering’ in their perceived right to rig elections and then pillage funds.

Malaysia needs to be part of the global economy to keep its level of prosperity.  Investors do not come to countries where leaders attack foreigners and issue witch-hunts against critics of corruption  – UMNO are making Malaysia into a rogue state, just to protect their local crime boss, Najib.

Kill Malays?

Malacca Chief Minister Idris Haron said his “US wants to kill Malays” remarks were designed to stoke the fires of patriotism among citizens of the country.

However, he added that his remarks about the motivation behind the US Department of Justice (DOJ) civil filing to seize assets linked to 1MDB, have been misunderstood by certain parties, reports Malay daily Berita Harian.

He said that his remarks were designed to boost patriotism, specifically to Umno members he was addressing.

“Understand my meaning (when I said that the US seeks to kill Malays) – that was to stoke the patriotic spirit amongst Umno members so that we can administer our own country without outside intervention,” he said after opening Surau At-Thoiyyibah at Taman Rembia Perkasa in Alor Gajah, Malacca, today.

He was commenting on brickbats thrown at him for saying that the US is using the DOJ filing in order to topple Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, and also targeting to kill the Malays just as it had with the Iraqis.

Our comment

This fellow is of the view that since his party has managed to cheat its way into power in Malaysia (through a combination of bribery and election jiggery pokery) then the rest of the world should let them get on with abusing it to pillage their own people.

What business is it of outsiders, says Idris?

Well, he needs to understand that if he and his fellow politicians wish to transfer this stolen loot into the currencies of reputable countries and then to use those currencies to splash on luxuries and purchase assets in these foreign jurisdictions, then he has strayed out from his small pond into the open glare of the wider world.

The Malacca head should not be so vain and grandiose to think he can bully the US, UK and Swiss in the same way as he has got used to bossing and grabbing from poor locals back home.

He wants to send his kids to international schools, buy houses, invest in businesses, go to restaurants and hotels in properly managed countries? Then he should make sure it is with clean cash. Those are their rules.

Lesson learnt?