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A Dangerous Precedent

Press reports speak of a poll apparently carried out in the Malay community which shows that nearly 60 per cent of Malaysian Malays agree with the High Court in finding Najib guilty. It is not clear what percentage of that community had access to trial reports though the Press coverage  must have reached most if not all Malaysians. So nearly 60% presumably means that 40% plus disagree with the verdict.  Of course there are no figures to show how many followed the proceedings in detail but such a large percentage of disagreement is very worrying,

There can be no argument about the evidence and on which he was convicted so what are the 40% doubtful about? Can it really be that major criminality can be excused on the basis of the background of the convict?

Such major support for a convicted mega criminal, apparently based on communal considerations augurs ill for the future of any society and usually leads to where Malaysia seems to be going now; governance by the unelected and the criminals with top level support. That can only end in tears.

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