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IGP - If This Does Not Worry You It Ought To

Official statistics show that nearly 10,000 police officers have been caught breaking the law over the past six years. Even allowing for the fact that the major part of that period saw the criminal Najib in overall control of the PDRM and setting a very bad example, these statistics should worry you. In particular you should be looking carefully at the oversight and management records of CPOs and above since poor discipline at that level means slack supervision at lower levels. Of course you know all this so the question is what are you doing and what you will do to rectify an alarming situation.

History shows that all disciplined forces that are not properly overseen quickly decay which may in part explain how Najib and his fellow crooks got away with what they did. As the proverb has it “the fish rots from the head down.” You need to think about that

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