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A Fair Trial?

A recent article in the national press contained a suggestion that the authorities in the country where fugitive criminal Jho Low is protected from extradition might consider that Jho would “not receive a fair trial” if returned to Malaysia.

A view based on observation of the progress made over two years by Malaysia in bringing mega crook Najib and his co-criminals to trial?  If the official view of the Najib gang is that they are innocent until proved guilty why would that not apply to Jho? No communal difference one must suppose; which leaves a convenient scapegoat to assume all the blame and provide an excuse for leniency towards his homegrown criminal associates?

Any such unworthy thoughts could be banished at a stroke by a simple public announcement concerning the whereabouts of the wanted criminal and the steps so far taken to secure his return and why they have failed? Will it come?

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