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Difficult Looking

Is how the search for mega criminal Jho Low has been described. In fact the looking part is simple, the recovery part is where the problem lies. Few Malaysians doubt that this crook has been given sanctuary in China since fleeing Malaysian justice. The CPG are, of course, fully aware of his presence on their soil and Malaysians must question why Jho has official CPG protection.

He is, of course, just a bargaining chip in CPG efforts to restore the grip over Malaysia handed to them by mega crook Najib in return for paying his debts. The voters showed what they thought about that when they returned PH to power and there is no reason to think that their view has changed.

Of course it is difficult for Malaysia to bring any effective pressure on Beijing to co-operate in the rendition of a mega criminal but there are steps that could be taken. Such as a freeze in diplomatic relations until the rendition is effected. So long as Putrajaya remains supine Beijing will remain obdurate. A call to the UN to condemn Beijing might be more effective than plaintive private requests.

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