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A Good Question

And one for the IGP to answer personally. Why, it is being asked, did the PDRM provide outrider escorts for convicted criminal Najib when he was “campaigning” in the recent by election? Why indeed? Does the IGP have so many surplus officers that he can provide motorcycle escorts for mega criminals? Or is it that he is just too frightened to treat Najib for what he is. A mega criminal; found so by the Courts.?

All this nonsense about appeals should stop now. If Najb’s legal advisers, for whatever reason, think they can convince the Court of Appeal to hear them they are free to ask. As the Court is to accept or deny their request. Appeals are not receivable just because the convict hopes to defeat justice. They have to be founded on good legal reasons. Otherwise there will be no leave to appeal. That is how it works and for the Court of Appeal to act in any way differently would raise questions that ought to have been asked in the past and would certainly be asked now.

Meanwhile the IGP, of all people, should be able to recognise a convict when he sees one and treat him accordingly. If Najib feels he needs an escort he is well able to pay for one; using stolen public money.

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