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Each Time He Opens His Mouth

He puts his foot in it!. In a more than ordinarily flattering series of remarks  the PAS Secretary General lauded PH defector and royal (so far inexplicable ) choice for Prime Minster Muyhiddin calling him “the darling of the people” That ridiculous description might be better expressed as the “darling of the Agong” since none of the MLAs polled as to their choice of Prime Minster chose Moo. Apart from the Agong, of course.

PAS being an extremist party they have to take an extremist line, especially when communal considerations are involved; as here. Based on their frequent public utterances their aim is to make Malaysia an Islamic state along the lines of Hezbollah or other Muslim extremist statelets.

The fact that this aim contradicts the Constitution does not appear to worry the PAS gurus. Hardly surprising when they are able to ignore Islamic teaching by using public money voted for other purposes to buy fancy limousines. Do they honestly think that heavenly quarters will be impressed?

Instead of concentrating on personal enrichment at public expense PAS chiefs might be better occupied evaluating their personal conduct against the principles laid down in their own teachings. Or would that be too embarrassing?

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