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A Royal Denial Is Necessary

Will it come is what Malaysian voters will want to know. Any aspect of corrupt dealing within Malaysian political parties is just “par for the course” to use a golfing term that Muyhiddin will understand. But to openly associate the Head of State with alleged political dealings, as does this latest report, is to bring not only his personal reputation into question but amounts to an attack on the royal institution. Many Malays will accept that such might well be justified but if it is not denied public confidence in monarchy in Malaysia will be severely dented.

That said this account has a ring of truth about it. Malaysians have become accustomed over decades to political horse trading and political defection as as a matter of course. Why bother about which party elected you when, for a  big enough bribe, you can jump to another. Not all past and present Assembly members have been guilty of such dishonest behaviour but many have. And proved the complicity of voters by securing re-election based purely on racial appartenance.

A democracy up for daily sale is no democracy at all and Malaysian voters need to decide if selling their votes to the highest bidder and/or blindly voting along communal lines is that they want.  If so they should just remember that a house with rotten foundations will collapse and when it does there will be wolves outside the door to whom Islam means nothing and the little red book all.

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