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What A Worm!

Former Attorney General Apandi, perhaps encouraged by the advent to temporary power of the PN crooks with whom he must feel kinship, has now publicly attacked a very senior member of the Bar and alleged that he had to “discipline” him.

This farcical claim arises from what he called attempts to get him, Apandi, then Attorney General, to order the arrest of mega crook Najib Razak.

Even if personal stupidity, at best, or accomplice status, made it impossible for Apandi to do as he was asked, it is the height of stupidity and or impudence to now make the claim he has. And stupidity is putting the best possible interpretation on it. Malaysians will recall this same Apandi telling a press conference that Najib was innocent while displaying in his hand positive proof of Najib’s guilt. It is easy to see why someone either so stupid or so venal secured appointment as Najib’s AG.

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