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Act Now

As the Head of State invested with constitutional powers you cannot just ignore events in your country. There is a devastating epidemic of disease raging unchecked while criminal Ministers fill their pockets with stolen public money and allow citizens to die by the hundreds.

Everyone in Malaysia is fully aware of what is happening and has happened since you appointed Mahiaddin as Prime Minister without a single MLA expressing support for him. That was a major error as subsequent events have amply proved.

All, however, is not lost. To err is human, as the proverb has it. But to persist in error after ample proof of it is something else and can be excused only on the ground of “what’s done is done” That excuse is not open to you since the law of the country allows the dismissal of any appointee by the appointer: in the case of Mahiaddin yourself.

If the country is to have any confidence in the existing constitutional arrangements, which include the continuance in place of  the Rulers, the Agong must be seen to exercise the constitutional powers at his disposal. You CAN dismiss Moo from the Prime Ministership and appoint someone who both has the confidence of the majority of MLAs and is willing to prove it by vote in the Assembly.

Failure to act to resolve the current crisis is inexcusable and will not be excused in happier times. You have your duty. Do it and do it NOW.


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