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Special Relationship?

One of Moo’s comic gang of “ministers” is reported in the press as saying that his master has a “special relationship” with the Agong.

Assuming that he did say so the Malaysian public have a right to know the details of this and what part it played in Moo’s appointment to his present, temporary, position. The more so as it conveys the impression that undue personal influence entered into the choice of a Prime Minister for whom none of his Assembly colleagues had voted when quizzed personally by the Agong.

That curious choice of a political nobody remains to be explained; particularly since it has led to a wave of corruption and the muzzling of democratic institutions unprecedented in Malaysia.

Of course the PN minister may have been talking nonsense, as most of them habitually do, but what has been said publicly demands clarification from the person concerned. Otherwise it will be widely believed and taken as explanatory of all Malaysia’s current political woes.

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