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All Singing And Dancing

Malaysia’s international image got another airing with pictures of convicted criminal Najib Razak celebrating 2021 very publicly. Some Malaysians would like to know where he got the money from to celebrate so lavishly. 1MDB or one of his other scams?

Malaysia’s international image as a country where crooks, with top level support, can steal a government prior to stealing every cent of public money they can lay hands on.

This vulgar cocking a snook at the country whose money he stole and which allows hm to sit in parliament while awaiting his appeal sickens honest Malaysians. On that, what are the appeal court judges doing? Celebrating 2021 as well? That is not what they are paid for, lavishly, and the sooner they hear mega crook najib’s appeal the better for everyone; their professional reputations included.


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