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Whose Contract?

Everyone now knows that the huge sum of RM 35 million has allegedly been allocated to build a “hall” in ‘PM8’s constituency. For whose benefit, apart from the contractor, remains unclear and there is nothing to show that the contract calls for golden roof tiles, marble floors or anything else more suitable for an Agong’s palace than a local place of assembly.

Will Muhyiddin, the local representative, provide some details? Or is this another of dozens, or hundreds, of golden contracts given out by PN to buy votes and backhanders? Any comment PM8? You are the local MP, until the next general election, if there ever is one.

This flagrant abuse of public funds is just a drop in the ocean of current abuse of public money by PN who are obviously aware that top level support offers only one vote in a general election. Covid is only a temporary excuse to avoid a consultation with the electorate and an, openly admitted, minority government cannot hope to remain in power, however installed and supported, when the Assembly is allowed to sit.

If it ever is or is it the intention to convert temporary dictatorship into a permanent one when the covid excuse no longer applies? Comment on this from those in temporary power would be appreciated by the voters even if very unlikely to be forthcoming.

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