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Allowing Non-Malays

Press reports indicate that PN “Prime Minister” Muyhiddin has spoken about “perhaps allowing non-Malays “to hold leadership positions in his party” What arrogance and stupidity. All Malaysians must shudder to think that such a bigot can be Prime Minister, even through the royal backdoor, in their country.

Even more alarming than the fact that a Malaysian PM can harbour such racist thoughts is the fact that he apparently has no compunction about publicly expressing them. What he means, in actual fact,  is that all Malaysians who are not ethnic Malays are mere second class citizens with no rights and who should be grateful to him and his community for any scraps thrown to them from the Malay table!

So it will be left to ordinary Malaysians to decide if they want a “master race” governing them represented by as blatantly corrupt a bunch of crooks such as Najib or work together to create a rule of law, prosperity and respect for all.

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