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Star Campaigner

Globally famous as a convicted thief and fraudster, with more prosecutions to come, Najib Razak is being presented by PN as their star campaigner in the Slim by-election. Is this because  PN think that a mega criminal is the best example they can find to ask voters to choose PN or perhaps because he has the deepest pockets?

In a way that is probably so. A party born from treachery and muddied by both corruption and betrayal and, even worse, blatantly racist would choose precisely that sort of person to be its head campaigner.

The basic PN message to the voters in the by election is simple. Vote only on racial lines; even if the best advocate that we can provide is a mega crook who has personally robbed you and your neighbours and will do so again if you are foolish enough to elect his “party”. Your choice.

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