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An Excellent Question

In the latest article in Sarawak Report the question is posed when, if ever, is action going to be taken against those involved in massive corruption in Sarawak?  For decades crooked Sarawak politicians have robbed the State and its taxpayers of billion upon billion of public funds. While at the same time destroying the tropical forest and stealing the proceeds.

How can all that not be known in Kuala Lumpur? Of course it was known to the regime of the criminal Najib at the head of corrupt  BN and it is yet to be publicly established what share of these criminal profits was retained by the Taib gang and how much went to BN. Just enough to keep their eyes and mouths sealed probably. Especially at a time when the King of Saudi Arabia was theoretically gifting billions of ringgit to mega thief Najib Razak!

So if Najib, at long last, is on trial along with his former deputy Zahid why is Taib still in the Astana and not in Court and orison? At least one person knows the answer to that question and it is not the Head of the MACC whose curious failure to make any investigation into Sarawak corruption raises questions as well as eyebrows.

Another question that PH would do well to answer is what are the voters thinking as they see the rape of Sarawak continuing unchecked by an allegedly “reforming” government?  In case there is still any doubt the answer must be that this lot as as bad as the last.

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