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The Wheels Of Justice

According to a Western proverb they “grind exceeding slow but exceeding small” That certainly seems to the case in present day Malaysia where, hardly less than two years since the corrupt BN regime was booted out by the electorate none of its criminal masterminds have proceeded through the mills of Justice to the point of determination of guilt or otherwise. Swearing oaths takes a matter of minutes and there is an equal need for Justice to be as swift as possible.

When, after WW2 it became possible to try the Nazi leadership for their many crimes special steps were taken to proceed with their trials promptly and Justice was seen to be done. It is not being so seen in present day Malaysia. Just as the Nazi directorship were seen as criminals of the worst and must despicable kind so ought those who used Malaysia as their personal piggy bank  be viewed.

And that makes an unanswerable case for special judicial measures to try those accused of crime during the Najib regime to be set up alongside the existing Court structure and tasked to deal with all the outstanding cases as rapidly as possible. If there are not enough Judges, or lawyers in the Attorney General’s offices, to make that happen then appoint Judicial Commissioners and hire in experienced lawyers from outside.There are plenty available.
Let the wheels turn faster. A lot faster.

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