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An International Scandal

According to Press reports an Rohyinga refugee is due to be caned as part of a sentence for entering Malaysia illegally. This report, if accurate, casts a mantle of shame on Malaysia as a whole.

While it is true that this punishment in applicable in certain cases as part of the outdated Indian Penal Code imported by the former colonial regime, it is outrageous in principle that it still remains legal after 60 plus years of Independence and even more disgusting that it can be applied to persons seeking refuge from the dictatorial and racist regime that has plagued Myanmar for decades.

Whether or not refugees from that racist regime are allowed to enter Malaysia is a decision for the Malaysian government to take but to subject such persons to barbaric treatment allows the Malaysian government to be regarded as no better than the military thugs who still control Myanmar.

The very least that Malaysia can do is to repeal that punishment. Even though the PN “government” has no majority it is unlikely that such an amendment would be opposed by PH. Let MLAs from all parties reflect on how they would feel if so sentenced and take a few minutes away from filling their personal pockets from public funds to amend this law

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