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UMNO MLA  Tajuddin revealed the true face of PN/UMNO in addressing the Assembly on “Malay rights”  These he is reported as claiming belong to what he is reported as saying “the original people of Malaysia”.

Can it be that he has entirely overlooked the presence of the real original inhabitants, the Sakai?  Is he aware that the Malay presence derives from seizures of territory by visiting Malays who are sometimes described as “pirates”? That description may or may not be unfair depending on the point of view but it is incontestable that the Malay presence in the Peninsula originated from such takeovers.

Tajuddin does his community no service at all by preaching such blatant communalism, even if it escapes the notice of the authorities, such as they presently are. Malaysia cannot prosper and develop into a modern democratic state if such attitudes persist and receive official approval. It may have escaped his notice but the fact is that Assembly members are supposed to be safeguarding the public interest, not their own or any sectional interest..

Will PN issue an official disavowal?

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