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Back Door Bad Losers

By publicly attacking the motion of “no confidence” in Muyhiddin and the back door PN administration PAS, possibly unwittingly, admit that it and its PN partners  do not have a majority. If they did why bother? Just have the vote and demonstrate their confidence that the PM appointed by the Agong has a majority.

It is because PAS,and the rest of PN, KNOW that they are a minority government with no electoral or other justification for existence that they, and PAS in particular, are so vocal in their public whining.

Once again it seems necessary to point out that the Constitution does not permit the Agong to decide who rules. It merely nominates him as the person with the duty to appoint a person whom he THINKS can command a majority.

He may be right. He may be wrong. We are all fallible, however upright. It is the Assembly that confirms a Prime Minister in office by voting their confidence in him.

The upcoming session of the Assembly will show Muyhiddin and everyone else that he does not and that the royal choice was wrong.

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