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Help. I Don't Want To Go To Jail

A Press report quotes Najib Razak as saying that if the up-coming motion of no confidence in the PN government passes then what he calls “Prime Minister” Muyhiddin can ask the Agong to dissolve Parliament. Wrong though it would be possible for the Agong so to act; though not at the request of a “Prime Minister” who had lost the confidence of the Assembly.

In practice it sems very unlikely that the Agong would use his constitutional powers so to act when an elected Assembly had proved publicly that PN are usurpers and that a majority exists for PH; the party elected at the last general election.

To do so would not only expose him to accusations of political partisanship but also put the future of monarchy in Malaysia into considerable doubt.  It is odd enough to find an executive monarchy in a democratic nation without any open attempt to revive the “divine right of Kings”  History shows what happens when that is attempted and no sensible twenty-first century Head of State would embark on that particular road.

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