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Cat Out Of The Bag

In the course of a self serving and mendacious interview “PM8” stated, among other things, that he “understood the meaning of democracy”.  Unfortunately he did not go on to say that he respected it or would abide by its rules. How could he when he is in his place only as a result of possibly the most undemocratic choice in Malaysian history.  Not chosen by the voters. Not chosen by a single MLA. Just the, so far unexplained, choice of one person using, or rather abusing, the Constitution That is something that will have to, and will be, changed.

Muhyiddin also implied, or rather stated, that there would be a general election as he would so advise the Agong. What he did NOT say was when.

In fact all the statement really means is that whatever excuse he is planning to use to avoid an election cannot be  revealed just now. Perhaps because he and his fellow dictators have not yet ben able to formulate it.


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